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  1. There is no silly thoughts/comments, when you are trying to help:-) I have never tryed/used what you are writing about. That means that I have to go the mission editor and open one of my saved files this way??? I haven't used the (') key to do anything, Is it a good idea to do that?? I just use the normal save function. You know, hit escape and there is a small window wich makes it possible to save the game in the middle of a mission. It works fine in the first mission, but not in the rest:-(
  2. Hey body, I can not get my force feedback on my Logitech Strike force 3D to work:-( :-( Whyyy, why. My producer config file, forcefeedback it set on true. Is there any otherplaces you can modify forcefeedback options??
  3. Thank Slick Willy, I appreciate your help. Look forward to hear from you:-)
  4. Dear Sirs, I have big problems continuing my campaigns, after I have saved the game. I can find the files though the campaign mode, but when I want to start them up (load them) and press the "FLY" button, nothing happens:-( It drives me crazy. I think Lock On is a great game, but I'm getting board playing the first mission in campaings over and over againg. Do you have the same problem?? Is there any tricks to load a saved campain file?? Have you any experience with CTRL-S?? Me neather, but I'll try it out. PLEASE HELP ME
  5. Yeah, thats great. But how about us, whom can not load the saved files in the campains. Is there any special tricks, mods, methods to do that?? I have heard several witch have the same problem. How about CTRL-S, does work?? I'll check right now. I promise that I'll post a reply if I find out:-)
  6. Landing

    Well, I think the physics is superior in Lockon, also when you are coming in for a landing. BUUUT, then something weird happens,..... from the smooth glide curve to 1 or 2 meters above the runway every physics is just perfect. But, then it seems that the plane just falls 1 meter directly on the airfield in a split second (when seen from CTRL F4). It doesnt land that smooth seen from behind, and that is just a shame, when everything else is so good. When the plane is down on the airfield everything is just looking good again. Smoke is coming from the wheels, the hydralics shock absorbs bounches etc,........ Do you also have that experience....?? Robert
  7. I've got the same problem. It can not be true, that its not possible to save the game normal. All that amazing graphics, freeeaaaaking cool gameplay etc, and then its not even possible to make a simple save. Whaaaat is that. I can see my saved files, but I can not start them. My "FLY" button is even blue, but they wont load. Please if anyone knows how to correct this problem, please tell us. I'm tired of playing hard missions over and over againg, just because this game cant save:-(

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