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  1. I agree with most, that it is more of a sim, than a game. However, you have the option to fly "arcade" style if you like. My advice--start with total realism, and have loads of fun and satisfaction figuring everything out. Not as daunting as Falcon 4.0--so it shouldn't take too much time to figure things out. Also--there are some excellent training missions included that should get you up and running :)
  2. Hopefully it will be fixed in the patch. I realize it's a software problem--but I want to comment on the hardware. I have an Audigy Platinum--and I'll never buy another creative product again. Poor driver support--and it hogs the PCI bus bigtime--not to mention the snap, crackle and pop noises I get in every sim I own. It says it records @ 96kz but it really doesn't--it goes through a analog step before it upsamples to 96. Just my two cents--next time, I'm going for a terratec card.
  3. Did you try disabling your sound card's hardware acceleration? You can access the controls through the RUN command, then typing dxdiag B)
  4. I'm interested in flying 5-10 hours a week--with people interested in real world tactics/training, etc. Don't mind flying with younger crowd--as long as they're serious.
  5. Colts Take Bucks In Ot

    I just started following my home team, the Colts, this season. The game last night was amazing--reminiscent of Reggie Miller scoring 16 points in a couple of minutes to win over the Knicks back in the 90's. I'll admit though--there were certainly some bad calls--on both sides! :D
  6. Demo's delayed until October. Looks like Wags and Stormin' got screwed by a decision coming down from UBI management.
  7. I'm 31 years old--and I honestly can't say when I've look forward to something this much--probably has a lot to do with the fact that LOMAC is all we'll be seeing for awhile--add to that fact that it looks and sounds stunning--and that all the previews tell us we're in for a treat. Everyone is on edge--fueled by posts from Stormin', et. al. I really appreciate everyone keeping us informed, but at the same time, I wonder if that's the best policy. Again, everyone is on edge. The fact is, Stormin' gave us a credible, reasonable date to expect the demo, barring a catastrophic bug--and therefore, everyone is expecting the demo within 72 hours from now. It's the night before Christmas, and simmers around the world are laying in their beds, staring at the ceiling, then looking at the clock, then staring at the ceiling, then looking at the clock.... It's the like the whole sim community is on "go" pills :) Waiting on the tarmac, ready for takeoff--just hoping that that crew chief doesn't stroll on over to the jet, to inform the pilot there's a problem... Welp, I need to go do something else--I can't stand staring at the ceiling :)
  8. I won't fly without it, now. It's gonna be awesome in LOMAC! Also, doesn't hog any of my system resources--doesn't cause a slow down at all. NOTE: It'll take some time to get used to--and also to tweak your settings to what you like--but once you do, it's absolutely irreplaceable.
  9. Sense of speed is :D great, IMHO--will be fantastic with TrackIR.
  10. Welcome BBQ as the newest Biohaz Staff member!

    Thanks Fates and Weasel! BTW, Weasel, I'm in Indianapolis--what do you do in Ft. Wayne--isn't there an airforce base there?
  11. Welcome BBQ as the newest Biohaz Staff member!

    :D Thanks guys! This will give me an excuse to follow LOMAC even closer! ;)
  12. Ebworld changed their date, and so did gamespot--both to six months from now :( Well, on the brighter side of things, they'll have more time to make it perfect. And yeah, I know UBI didn't make the announcement--but when I called my local EB store--the guy told me they only update their release dates when they get word from the publishers themselves.
  13. Yup--it's the peanut one, in desert colors, that I need--and yup, it definately was a LOMAC screenie.
  14. Does anyone remember that LOMAC screenshot which displays the "peanut" paint scheme--I think someone called it? It is a bunch of small camoflauge circles all over the jet--almost like polka dots. I'm trying to find that screenshot--does anyone remember where it is?

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