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  1. Has anyone else noticed that their addon planes aren't appearing with SP3? E.g., the Late Skyhawk - only the ordnance shows - I have an invisible stealth Skyhawk! Cheers, P.
  2. BTW: I see that the Column 5 site has a number of the Phantom skins already updated to the new F-4J model....S! Cheers, Solo
  3. No kidding - I thought they were just retro'd to the B's....and standard on -J's. Maybe I'm mixing up the J's with the S's...thanks for the correction. Cheers, Solo
  4. Super - the definitive Navy Phantom! Way to go Third Wire! Cheers, Solo P.S. Two very minor quibbles: Should be smokeless J79's and skin is VF84 when in the -B model.
  5. Thanks.........promises, promises :D Solo
  6. Hey All: Someone have one of these in the works? Just curious............ Cheers, Solo

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