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  1. Why do you think it is insane? Larger textures require more detail More polygons take more time Specular mapping Bump mapping More detail in avionics 10 - 14 years from SF1 to F-14: Do you really think labor rates don't go up in a decade? If the development costs go up and the labor rates go up, yet the sales and the prices of the games stay the same (remember these are budget games), common sense would dictate that you are making less money. It's really not that hard to grasp, I hope. And another thing, you are only focusing on artwork since that is all you know. Exp 2 added the mission editor which took a long, long time to make - and almost put him under. F-14 took a long, long time to make with all kinds of new features - naval ops, terrain engine - which again, almost put him under. And the terrain engine needs a lot more time to be optimized and complete. It's just not very mature. But, you either lose your business or make compromises. This is the last thing I'll say.
  2. No, we built that F-5A for the mobile game.
  3. Strike Fighters Android is out on Google Play
  4. The answer is I don't know. I have no idea. Things change. I would assume that he keeps on chugging along like he has been. What chugging along means, I don't know. There's still lots of planes to do. The game is very open as far as I can tell. None of the DLC that has been released (sans editors and stuff that involves coding) isn't anything that can't be done by the community. New planes and new skins can be created. And exactly just how much has been 'locked' and the stuff that has been 'locked', how much of that is for sale in DLC? I think the answer is none. That's just the risk you take when you mod a game. As a former modder that's put a ton of personal time into games that were crap back then and aren't even played today, I sympathize with anyone that works that hard on something that may or may not be used. But at the same time, I know that games aren't made exclusively just for modding, they are meant to be played. You choose to mod because you can and you want to. SF was mod friendly from the start and advertised as a mod friendly game and I disagree with anyone that thinks the game is no longer moddable.
  5. 10k gets you, at best, a new player plane and cockpit. The hardcore features will cost an insane amount of money and dev time. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. The mission editor alone came close to shutting everything down. It's just hard for the average person to understand how s**tty it is to make flight simulators. Even budget ones like this. As I've said before, which no one seems to listen, the stuff being worked on is: SF for droid/win8/iOS (no, it's not linux code) Exp 3 at some point More DLCs I'm not sure of the order except that DLC are mixed in with Droid Fighters. And he's still patching the game.
  6. "Something has happened to TK..Is it greed? Jealousy? Advice from some other idiot?" He's saving up for a gold plated pony
  7. Guess I need to check it out next time I go to DC for work. Was it downtown or the one up at Dulles? There seems to be a few different simulators at Dulles.
  8. No offense, but if you keep getting the same 'excuse' over and over again then you are asking the same question over and over again and the response to that question obviously hasn't changed. Not sure what you expect.
  9. He's kinda of already laid out the road map for this year. Exp3 at some point... a port for Win8/android/iOS is being worked on. That's all I know of now. I mean, you can't say too much because when things change people get bent out of shape. What was the Falklands game that was supposed to come out few years ago? Jet Thunder? What ever happened to those poor guys? Fighter Ops? Personally, I doubt he'll ever stop making PC games... I mean, that's why we are all here right? But it takes real cash to do this, so you gotta find new sources of funding. I don't know what any patches are fixes are coming out. I think the series has removed some moddability because of people stealing our work and also because of all the tech support posts about x/y/z not working due to a modded install. For each thread he has to read and answer the more time/money that takes, so in some cases, things may have gotten hard coded to make life easier. It's just the way it is. Case in point, the missiles. No matter what he does some guy is gonna complain over and over that is was changed/sucks/not real/etc. I don't what the future holds. It's been 10+ years and he's still chugging along where others have failed. Is it the most pretty, realistic, bug free game? Nope, but I'd say F-14 looks a tad bit better than SFP1. But in the end, it's still a 20 dollar game. Nothing more, nothing less. I've painted everything from F-22s to the Wright Flyer. I know everyone thinks they can do better, and make smarter business decisions, but try and cut the guy some slack. It's hard staying afloat with next to zero money every month. If it costs too much, then more than likely it costs too much. It's not an excuse, it's a reasonable explanation of the reality of the current flight sim economic universe when you don't have a publisher and aren't on Steam. This is still a good site and great community. I hope it's still here 10 years from now. And last, FC is good people for inviting us to fly and simulator and pizza/beer.
  10. Calling the developer stupid, telling the community to not buy a game, and flat out criticizing every minute detail of a 20 dollar budget series doesn't look like caring to me. Not even close. I love this site, the mods are cool and I used to enjoy posting teaser shots because I figured this forum liked them. But the negativity and TK bashing is just too much.
  11. So much hate and negativity over a budget, non-copy protected, game made by one guy and a part-time artist who does this for fun. :( The Angry Birds thing is funny although I would have put the comm building in the picture!
  12. SF isn't coming to an end on the PC.

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