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  1. European distribution options are still in discussion, so the release there will be slightly off of the North American release...but we are working on it.
  2. Thanks Dagger for slapping me into action (grin). I will be around in some degree to help answer questions. For a little background on who I am: For the last 8 years I have been making video games. Begining with QA and Tech Support, going to Producer. Now, I am not a programer nor an artist. Basically what a Producer does is make sure the scope of the project is maintained, and that the timelines are met. That being said, I will answer most any question, but seeing that I am not a programer or artist, I may not know the answer off the top of my head...so be kind (grin) Wings Over Vietnam is the latest title that I have produced. I have the honor with working alongside Thirdwire to bring this game to the market. Thanks
  3. The short answer is Yes, the same SPF1 aircraft will work. The long answer is that some modifications may need to be made (aricraft carrier landings and what not) to have everything work fine, but overall it should be painless.
  4. Well, a little information for you, but I do not have the exact street dates. The title should be in the stores the end of October to early November. I will attempt to get the exact stores the game will be found at and when.

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