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  1. Was I really the one who started it? Just look who created these threads... If you were meaning no drama, you could write this as a pm to MadJeff right? Appologizing and being a man about it would require you to pm it instead of bringing this up again right? ;) I think you'd better let this go because the only one who cares about the drama YOU have created is again you.
  2. The connection between the Grey Wolves 192nd Squadron has ended due to a recent disagreement between Squeeze and me. When I recruited him, I thought that he would be a useful addition to the squad, so I gave him admin rights for the forum and a role for designing the site. (these definitely weren't requested by him at his application) While I gave him a role for designing the site I said in advance that I do not want the current header to be changed. He made a new one anyway, but then when I have rejected to change the header he decided to leave All what I wrote up to now is normal... Disagreements may arise and if there is a need, the paths can be seperated (although leaving because of a banner he wasn't supposed to touch in the first place is a bit weird ) and I would simply wish him good luck in his search for a new squadron... But now I see he's bad naming our squadron, using a sig with our squadron's name and advising people not to join it Anyway, this shows his class, but the Grey Wolves will never go to his level and argue with him. Sorry m8, your provocations will not work. Edit: BTW I just saw his first post in this thread: This is something he decided himself after joining... It is not correct, the Grey Wolves will focus on all aircrafts... Btw Squeeze m8, gl in finding a squadron which will allow you to change their banner or edit their site

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