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  1. IM NEW

    not long to go, only 23 days till i get my hands on LO-MAC!! i cant wait! im also getting the saitek x45 joystick. its going to be SWEEEEEEEEEET!
  2. Applying Skins

    i think that a skin is a new plane. if you get an f18 skin, you put it over an f15 and it performs like an f15 but looks like an f18. i think #
  3. ok, can some1 post some more so i can see them plz
  4. IM NEW

    and also,somebody said that you taxi off the apron, but on dobermans video, he comes out of the hangar?
  5. for some reason i cant see the user posted images. it has that little red cross on it. can any1 help?
  6. IM NEW

    reply! sorry im inpatient
  7. it hasnt worked for me. i get sound but no video. help anyone?
  8. IM NEW

    i dont think thats the one im getting. its another one i think. i still might be able to get it! ill tell you the specs when i find it. http://www.lo-mac.com/screens.php?id=4772 that looks like an f-18 to me.
  9. IM NEW

    2.8GHz Intel Pentium 4 Processor 256Mb DDR RAM 80Gb Hard Drive DVD RW Drive Intel Extreme Integrated Graphics 1 Year Free Onsite Warranty Microsoft Windows XP Home 56K Modem 14" TFT Monitor HP 1317 All in One Printer
  10. IM NEW

    [ill get the website with my pc on it and you can check to see if it will run if any1 can that is, http://www.pcworld.co.uk/martprd/store/pcw...&fm=0&sm=1&tm=4 thats the wesite, can someone check if it will run for me please.
  11. IM NEW

    do you get to taxi onto the runway from hangars and is there alot of addons? and is it an expansion pack becasue it seems to be very cheap for such a good game.
  12. IM NEW

    i just watched the doberman video and the graphics luk amazing! the game is brill! to sum it up in one word... AMAZING

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