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  1. Im getting a request for weapons free from my wingman but I dont see this as an option in the coms menue. what do I do to get him to attack?
  2. Ive had to reduce all the detail levels to medium. but when It gets too flacky I get a real slideshow and then the computer freeses and I cant get out of the programme :( Just installed new 3.2 patch so dont knoww if its the patch or the terain. anyone else getting this? great terrain, just cant get the thing to run long enoug to enjoy it. also have set enemy aa to minimum but its still crazy amount of flack.
  3. thanks got confused by the read me . Ill edit the MedalsNVN.ini file I have my install in F not C . Didnt understand this was a problem as I put all the files in the folder I was told to. Ah well One lives and learns Thanks ++
  4. fantastic work. this was the one Ive been waiting for. having a problem with the medals though. Im getting them but there is no text with the letter I get with the medal. :( I put all the files in the flight folder and overwrote what was there. Any ideas whats wrong?
  5. nice. looking interesting :)
  6. there is a verry detailed and long article with pictures on using a to g weapons in sfp1 by andy bush over at simhq. read that. its all you need.
  7. Havnt heard much about the big anticipated campaigns in a while. Im eagerly looking faward to Iraq iran, cuba and the vpaf wov ccampaigns but there a news drought. I need info,Please give me a fix. I got the shakes. :)
  8. Im using it having bought it on e bay from http://stores.ebay.com/Computer-GameGlobe cost me $29 + $13 shipping to new zealand ( I have brittish rig) reputable dealer and cheaper than gamestop where shipping is $30 + tax so I see on sim hq recent thread. game works great.
  9. my brain did almost melt. but your sage advice steered me to a wrongly labled cockpit ini. a6 a wrong spacing as you said. thank you sir :)
  10. that sounds so complicated I think my brain will melt. I cant be the only one with this problem as everyone using the new 1.1 update will get the misspelled file.
  11. Ive just installed the new a6a 1.1 and sfp1 wont detect it. Its just dissapeared. the old v1 was ok. cant understand this. read me states mame file a6 a which Ive done..
  12. Marfighters had been down quite awhile now. anyone got an idea when its going to return. It had some really good stuff I cant find elsewhere, eg mig21 stuff. anyone?
  13. thanks usafmtl, your files fixed it. looks great now :)
  14. some time ago, before christmas there was discussion at simhq re the invisible undercarrage on the vigilante since patch 3. Usafmtl said it was a vid card issue and said he'd maybe post the files hes using coz its ok working for him. then there were no new posts... any one know anything new. Im using the 1.1 version of the vigilante. anyone got any advice,,,,, usafmtl????? :)
  15. the origonal one with the sunburst was cooler , more iconic

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