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  1. Advanced haze? GFX card? That's all i could think of...
  2. Shooting down a MiG

    Here ya go: (there are 2 versions) V1.0 V2.0-Final
  3. Wow!! This site will ROCK! good thing i know a little russian...
  4. Shooting down a MiG

    Sorry, but this one isn't mine... You can clearly see that the camo i used is a bit different. Enough about Mike's skin , mike shoots down a Su: (These are not really new..you've seen these already nesher,i think)
  5. Now add CFTs , another cockpit, and AG capabilities , and you get a great plane WITH a great skin.. ..sorry, i'm obsessed with the strike eagle..
  6. Thank you. But i keep thinking i've seen this pic. somewhere before..
  7. hey cool,I have achieved fame!! That's myF-15I skin...Though I don't see how it's related to V.1.1 The new LO-MAC version is full of Russian side stuff, I hope one day to see the F-15E in there..

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