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  1. Happy Birthday D-O. You know, you're at the perfect age to trade that Eclipse in on something with a bit more horsepower... And you don't even have to pay the insurance.
  2. Hey Crab, I'm 95 % done with a camo version of this plane. It's a three-tone blue scheme, with black/white checkering on the nose and tail. I did the same thing you did with the fuel tanks and 'winders, btw, but I didn't add new harpoints for the missles. Anyway, if you want to add it in to your package, that'd be cool with me, if you think it's good enough. I'm down to decal placement on it, almost Identical to the Paki J-6 you've got here, but I made a decal for the roundel with the cobra on it that goes on the vertical stab. Email me and I'll send you some screens. Klatuu_1@hotmail.com

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