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  1. Something we do: We include the install instructions, and if they start bitching about how to install it, we ignore them So, would ya ppl atleast tell me how to install those I mentioned above (becuz I have every right to ask so :P )?
  2. OK, this is ment for all modders over here... Ppl, what ya do is cool, verry good, but would ya all PLEASE WRITE DOWN THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS IN THE MOD'S README'S! So far I've found 1 mod that has the install instructions, but that SHOULD be a COMMON thing. I have D/L-ded a few mods and dunno how to install them... In the game I mod it's polite not to include install instructions! Files can't be released withouth them included! I have trouble with installing "A10 and Su-33 Real Weapon Mod", and the skins which are in *.dds format... Ya'll hive a nice day > > A D O N I S < <

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