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  1. Erik, Thanks for the update. BTW, sorry for giving you a hard time about it. I wasn't aware of the problems you were having.
  2. Is it fixed then?

    Dave, I guess we can go back and forth with is. I did not fully understand Erik's efforts, I was wrong to assume the worst.
  3. Is it fixed then?

    Wow!... Dave, you sure put me in my place. But threats to member is really not cool. I'm just surprised how sensitive you are. Don't worry, I won't stay a member long.
  4. Is it fixed then?

    I'm a paid member for 30 days. I got the membership so I can have unlimited downloads. I haven't downloaded a thing for going on five days now. I want my money back!! Or at least extend my membership for five days (assuming it is up today). Also please don't give me a bunch of IT mumbo-jumbo!

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