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  1. I had the same problem with the installer. I had the file on my J: partition. But when it extracts it puts the files somewhere in a temp directory. But after that it tried to start the setup.exe wich it found on my J: partition. That was from another program so I got the wrong installer . What did I do? I opened the lo_mac file with WinRAR and I extraced the files myself. After that I was able to start the setup as it was meant to be :P. Now it runs ok, no problems except that the missions are very difficult. Well atleast for me, someone who never played flightsims :P
  2. It wil be released in March and they don't need any outside betatesters at the moment. I saw this in the FAQ at the official site lo-mac.com
  3. I already saw some posts on the official lock on forum dealing this question, but I want to know what you think. What do you think, will lock on be easy to mod? Things like changing the colours of a plane, tweaking flightspeed and such :P or more advanced things like building your own planes from scratch. So you can insert them in the sim and then fly them in multiplayer games! I am not a good designer. So I aren't going to design planes in gmax or 3dsmax. But I know C++ / VB / Delphi and hope to bring it in action making some mod or so. I just hope they don't overprotect there code. I would surely help if we could read those files. I don't say they must make there sim open-source, but heck.. you know what I mean. I just don't want to be stuck with standard planes, worlds and rules. What do you people think about this?
  4. What screen rez do you run at?

    When I had my 15" I used 1024*768. Now I have a 17" and use 1152*864. Sometimes I switch back to 1024*768 cause this is a real old monitor. But when I get a brand new 19" I´ll use 1600*1200. I just don't have the money to buy one :(
  5. mozilla

    I have Suse 8.1 with mozilla 1.0 I think its just a setting at my side. :roll:
  6. The site move is complete!

    This is really superdupercool!
  7. Site changes coming...

    If you could provide us the ip of the new server, when you have recieved it. It won't be a big deal I think. Using the ip I can get on your site and just a couple of days later (isn´t it 72 hours??) we can use the name again 8) If you know the ip at a present time, I don´t expect much suffer
  8. I voted number 1 because sometimes I can't connect. I will explain how it goes... When I go to www.biohazcentral.com he will start loading your site. After a while I see your header. But below the header its only black. After a minute or somewhat my browser just redirects to the 404 error page. A couple of times I clicked at the "view source" button and I noticed that the page reaches till: "<-- BEGIN: Right....". And then its *boom* ... nothing. Real odd error isn't it? I think it is something with your apache or phpmodule. But you know it better I hope. Real host would improve to , but is expensive
  9. I just want you to know that your site hardly isn't working in mozilla under linux. I know it doesn't matter because flightsimmers use windows and the most use IE. But well, I am bored and was checking out my new Suse // I type this is linux, but I can only typ in text.. can't thick the boxes and navigate using your menubar So I think I switch back to XP then
  10. Troublesome with php?? Explain to me 8) I think php is the best scripting-language ever!
  11. I must say nice! 8) Hope you can integrate it in your site. I miss the menu at the left :P Ok, I know its hard with phpbb. Better don't try it you can see this as a test flight hehe
  12. Cougar users sound off!

    Wow.. that will be around €250 euro or something?? Way to much for me :(
  13. Cougar users sound off!

    Do you have a link or such?

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