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  1. Just something a bit curious... My longtime XP using Dell laptop went kaput so after some research i loaded WOE/ODS/and WOV into one of my Windows 7 backup towers and sure enough they all got going. The one thing that is bugging me is that the WOV Gold anti air defenses seems to be quite subdued. I started a campaign and after a few missions i noticed i don't see any of the colored balls of flak nor the groundfire intensity that should occur in the Hanoi area for example . As a matter of fact i flew about five missions over the north and didn't see or hear a single SAM launch anywhere. Anyone know of something i might have done wrong? Or is that what happens on WOV Gold outside of XP
  2. Windows 7 WOV Gold

    Yes, for campaigns. Would be really something to see about 100 missions North in a photo bird.
  3. Windows 7 WOV Gold

    Hey all, As it turns out it was just an improper install. Scrapped it, went slowly and by the numbers and got it right. All's well and fine. About the only thing i'm messing about now is trying to remember how to get an AI squadrons flyable as i really like flying recce birds and WOV Gold is a massive challenge in that job.
  4. Windows 7 WOV Gold

    Went through everything and still no joy. AI aircraft are going over airfields and not drawing any fire at all. Also found other things such as missing target areas and no docks at Vihn etc, etc. I'm going to reinstall everything as carefully as i can and see if i missed a step or two.
  5. Windows 7 WOV Gold

    Thanks for the info. I was suspecting something about the DX9. Thankfully i have it in my my WO setup file and shall have a go. As for everything else, i've always run every campaign and single flight for the most difficult situations and sure enough it was way too easy up North. As an experiment i flew a single mission RF-101 to Kep to check for flack and SAM and didn't see the usual amount of flak and zero SAMs despite flying straight and level at 5,000 feet. Now that i think about it, despite having 9 radars tracking not a single lock or SAM launch and i had no ECM. Date was January 1966. I'll go through the file paths and see what i find. Oh yes, the first thing i found out in research was to go to C/. Makes things a lot handier.
  6. U.S.NAM Jet Pilots

  7. Enhanced SAM trails

  8. WOE 1950's AAA Mod v1.0

  9. Small problem i'd figure i'd ask about. First time ever flying a campaign in USMC F-4s and when i get set for the first mission in Rolling Thunder, the drop tanks don't show at all on the loadout selection. It's on the inventory to the left but nothing shows to load even if i set for unlimited supply. Looked at the campaign data etc and all is well as far as i can see. First time ever something like that has ever happened. Any clues? BTW- i'm flying the WOV Gold mod as usual.
  10. Missing Drop Tanks

    Thanks for the info. The weirdest thing is that some time later as i fired WOV up again to check a few things, the tanks showed up. then vanished again after going to the main menu and back, only to reappear on another loadout check! Perhaps it's just my computer acting up for some reason. Anyways here is the line i found.....F-4_USN I'll check again and make a change or two and see what happens.
  11. I used a formation mod some time ago and i'm pretty sick of it and want to get things back to normal. However, i lost the stock files from where i stored them. Can anyone clue me in?
  12. Found it easy enough and tried deleting the ini and replacing it with the one from the Desert Storm mod but it didn't work. Here is the problem from the designer of the formation mod. "My only regret is that the division is backwards in fingertip formation; number 3&4 are on the left" I'm trying to get things back to normal.
  13. Busy with work, Donovan's adventures continue tomorrow!
  14. Ok, i have a new pilot named Timothy Donovan Flight is... 2LT Timothy Donovan 2LT Charles Layton 1LT Ken Tucker 2LT Doyle Wolfe. First mission was to Noi Bai. Went the Cat Bi route at 10,000ft and was rather deep before MIGs climbed up to engage. Layton jettisoned his load in reaction to a MIG making a pass at him and so he turned for home rather than follow Donovan. Tucker and Wolfe proceeded to attack ground targets but quickly broke off after Tucker's aircraft was severely damaged by ground fire (mainly 57mm). 2LT Donovan drove in and successfully bombed the target. Everyone then egressed at low level over Hanoi under heavy AAA fire and MIGs in hot pursuit. 1LT Tucker managed to keep his aircraft under stable enough control until reaching the area SE of Phu Ly, where the bird finally gave out. Having been alerted to the situation, SAR was able to get in and pick Tucker up before the enemy could reach him. He was badly wounded and will be out of action for some time. PS-no screenshot. Sorry

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