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  1. I visit their forums since the developers mainly post there, Simhq or at Frugal's. I can't stand the sig craze over there though.
  2. Can you code? Are humans perfect?
  3. Once you get in WVR, drop the BVR mode. Remember an aircraft's RCS has a lot to do with the detection ranges. e.g. E-2C with that nice FAT dish and squarely shape, you'll detect him in excess of 70NM. Mig23 excess of 49NM+ Whereas, a F16 will be in the 20NM+ range.
  4. AWACS calls are usually in BRAA format but in LOMAC they don't give the aspect. So your last second set of number is the RANGE. To get familar on how any radar works, picture using a flashlight and understand what happens when you elevate the beam in reference to range. The F15 radar is the first version of the APG-63v0, it's a bit dated but simple IMHO. With practice, you'll get the hang of it. Julian
  5. THE CAT

    Hi! The VF41 isn't the only squad that got A2A via VID, don't discount the VF32. Although during the Libya fiasco, there were numerous encounters but were turned away. jd

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