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  1. Area 51

    There was a NOVA show about camouflage a few years ago that mentioned Yehudi Lights. Hereis a quick Wikipedia blurb about them: Yehudi lights are lamps placed on the underside of an aircraft to raise luminance, to disguise the aircraft against the background sky. The technique was successfully employed in World War II by RAF Shorts Sunderland aircraft in attacks on U-boats. In 1945 a Grumman Avenger with Yehudi lights got within 3,000 yards of a ship before being sighted. This ability was rendered obsolete by the radar of the time. Since the development of stealth technology, Yehudi lights have come under renewed interest
  2. 5 Years

    Dec 02 works for me too. I'm a Boomer and was looking in BB for a birthday present for myself. I got it home and loaded it up. This thing actually flew like a real airplane and not a wheelbarrow! (I was a Tanker Driver in the AF). I'm also a '104 buff and the rest is history. I've tried some other sims, but always come back to the Thirdwire family. It has good realism and doesn't hog the memory to a standstill. Great add-ons and enhancements over the years and a generally good bunch of folks on the boards. Heck, there have to be a few whiners and crybabies so the rest of us can look like nice people. :-) v/r The Old Ranger
  3. Very nice! A Scooter for Two! Thanks, The Old Ranger
  4. Thank you Gramps! You can never have enuf Fishbeds!! Thx, The Old Ranger (& New Grandpa!)
  5. Thanks Wrench! I always wondered why "der Schooter" (that's German for 'the Scooter')didn't catch on in Europe more. Great addition. The Old Ranger
  6. Definitely - great idea!!
  7. Very nice - that will be great. Always thought the Gina would be a neat little bird to zip around in!
  8. Pfalz D.XII Beta 1 Released for FS-WWI!

    Great Addition = Thanks!!
  9. F-16 crash

    I bet they had to shake the spuds out of their speedos after that one!! Part of emergancy procedure training is to work yourself out a plan for just about anything that can go wrong. You look at an incident or accident report and think it through: "What would I do?" - file that tidbit of knowledge away and hope you never have to use it. Better to figure it out in the flight room over a nice hot cup of coffee than when things are going to sh** in a big hurry! Like the book says: Learn Today to Live Tommorow. If this played out as described, these guys were in a sled going 100Kts plus with zero control, going off the road - and it was starting to roll over. Seems like taking the "ACES II Exit" was a real smart move.
  10. Old Ranger here. Nice site! "Thank You Sir,May I Have Another?!!"

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