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  1. Hey! Great to see! Thank you, Laton! I've got the Squadron Signal book on the Fokker Eindeckers- not the best text, but still full of good pics. Let me know if I can scan anything for you.
  2. The E.I gets a nose-job

    Thanks for responding, Laton. Agreed that Bort's work is more than adequate representation of the Fokkers. I will be looking forward to more of your great stuff, whatever you choose to build. Thanks once more.
  3. The E.I gets a nose-job

    Laton- First off thank you so much for your excellent work. You have added enormously to my enjoyment of First Eagles and I am grateful for everything you have done. My enjoyment is such that after seeing all you have in store for the resurrection of Pfalz family, I was wondering if you were thinking about further modifying your MS/Pfalz E.I base form into the early Fokker monoplanes as well. I've been using Bortdafarm's Fokkers eagerly, and liking them, but I have to admit, without any intention of slighting Bort or his own wonderful efforts, a certain preference for your approach to the medium- just my personal visual tastes. Whatever you do decide to take on for us, I am looking forward to it and appreciate it immensely. Thanks again.
  4. Nieuport 28

    Responding to myself here... Answered my own question. Testing the Nieuport out just after posting, I looked at the model under different light conditions- I realized then that it was the aircraft shadows causing the trouble. Disabling them made the propellor show up properly at speed. The shadows are a small sacrifce to make- I'd forgotten that I had them disabled in SFP1 as well because of some similar strangeness. I love the concept of dynamic cast shadows, but I can use the few more FPS too... and, of course a fully gorgeous N.28 to putz around in. So once again thanks to all who made the work possible. And, for that matter, to everybody who does so much for these sims. Regards and respect.
  5. Nieuport 28

    I am thoroughly enjoying the N.28- great job and thanks for all of the great work and generosity! I have one small visual glitch, however, with the propellor disk at high speeds. It seems that when I view the disk from an angle, I see the angles polygonal form that lies benath the otherwise transparent skin. When I view the disk from directly in front or behind, I so no such thing. Is it me? If it is not, is there a simple fix? Should I sit tight and wait for further improvements? I checked the alpha channels on the skins used for the spinning prop. They looked to be in order. That's been pretty much the extent of my research to date. Thank you again for all the fine work so far. These have been tough days in the Third Wire mod community. With all the grousing and bad feelings going around, the Nieuport 28 was really a ray of sunshine. And, of course, thanks in advance to any who can help.

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