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  1. Question, Why does the web site still show version ? Do I download it and then it starts updating to 1.1.6148? I have deleted my previous version of World itself and after spending several hours of downloading. I get the message corrupt file. Also haven't tried torrent how does that work ? Any ideas would be most helpful. Thanks Ernie.
  2. Hey Peter and Dave FYI on my initial install i had the same problems as mentioned above however I didn't post anything because i just did as Dave stated a full clean reinstall and eveything is ok now. i had Giant cows and trees on the runway ... It reminded me of the Old gateway computer commercials with cows everywhere.
  3. I was Hoping you were going to do the F-100 D's as well thanks Henrik.
  4. Only once ... it working now Thanks FC.
  5. Great stuff guys I got a ? on the eagles that were added example the f-15c_85 and f-15d_85 there wasn't a decal folder for those two does it need to be created or was it missed ? Runnig SF2E Feburary patch.
  6. Spotted an A-10

    If it was Wilmington as stated it probably from Pope AFB as vampyre said for what its worth they some times hang out at Seymour Johnson in Goldsboro since its part of the 4th fighter Wing. Now I know that per the recent BRAC realignment the A-10's are leaving Pope but not sure of the time frame.

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