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  1. 12 Million Meter Map

  2. SF2 NA

    I have played it some and I think it is fun. I have to agree about the airbases. The same is true of WOE. It's WW3 for crying out load and every airbase, every town, every city is completely untouched. I have often hoped some modder would give us some bombed out city blocks or damaged buildings for WOE - ITS WW3 FOR CRYING OUT LOUD
  3. Marine shoots a man's coon dog (dawg)

    My question would be whether your friend shot the dog on his property or his neighbor's property. I'm guessing that's an important legal consideration, but I'm no lawyer.
  4. Back up

  5. OT Career Change

    Well, maybe not a career change, but flying is a very rewarding passtime. It can make the drudgery of the day to day easier to tolerate. I would imagine being a career pilot is full of drudgery of its own. Flying is an escape and something great to share with family and friends. I'd have no interet in making it a job, personally, it'd take something away from it. Maybe the idea of a few lessons and easing into it and exploring to possibilities as you progress through the training is the right attitude.
  6. OT Career Change

    If it's your dream go for it. It may not turn out as you expect or even hope it will, but it'll be a great experience anyway. Besides, after you're done with the training you will have a number of great ratings and endorsements in your log book. That, alone, will be very satisfying. Worst case scenerio is that you end up with a pilot's certificate and an instrument ticket with some other bells and whistles and you get to enjoy the real thing also. I don't regret 1 penny I have invested in flight training, and I have never earned a nickle flying.
  7. Strange interview question

    The probability of the gun going off, conditional on it not firing on the 1st pull is 3/5. If you spin it the probability is back to 1/2. This assumes you don't know where in the revolver the bullets are placed (random pattern). Tell him to spin it again and run like the wind.
  8. Non War Bi Planes

    I'm going to give P4 a try. I agree, it's all about fabric and wires!
  9. Non War Bi Planes

    I have a killer install of ROF, but have only flown a few missions. I would love to try OFF. How does it compare to ROF, which I think is pretty good? For me it's a matter of time. I was once super into flight sims of all sorts but then had three kids. I have less computer time and seem to spend more of my computer time tweaking, modding, updating, and rebuilding than actually flying I'm afraid.
  10. Non War Bi Planes

    Pic of my stampe. A joy to fly. Sorry I don't know how to resize the image:)
  11. Non War Bi Planes

    Stampe SV4C because, well, I own and fly one.
  12. That did the trick. Thanks again.

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