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  1. saw this and HAD to bring it here!!

    Nothing like a little perspective! It really takes a special breed to be a cop, and I admire and respect each and every one of those who wear the uniform with integrity and professionalism. In the old Indian tradition, (Native American for those born after 1975) those who served on what was the equivalent of the police force were given equal honor with those who fought for the people on the field of battle. That tradition continues to this day. We honor all our warriors.
  2. Alphasim F-8 Crusader is released!

    Hey Chief! Thanks for posting that. I went and got the F-8 and the Enterprise to land on. Dang! This 'Sader is eating my lunch. I stayed up till LATE trying to trap, and only got aboard twice. Good thing I was having a great time doing it! I should change my name here to something like "ramp strike" or "bolter" or something! I have always loved the F-8. This is certainly a gorgeous example!
  3. Orbiter..anybody tried this one?

    Hey Dagger! Long time! I have had orbiter for quite some time and it really is cool! I am especially fond of the Apollo era, so I went to AVSIM, and downloaded the SaturnV. If you had a flight plan of any of the Apollo missions, you could fly any of them in real time! So far, I've made it as far as launch, trans lunar injection, and transpositon and docking, and LEM extraction. I just don't have time to devote to an entire mission! There are alot fun things you can do with the program, and alot of add-ons to download for it. If you like space stuff, here is the web site for Eagle lander 3d. Its an Apollo lunar lander simulator. http://eaglelander3d.com/ See ya bud! -Sledge
  4. V1.1?

    O.K.! That explains that then. Thanks Brit Radar Dude. - Sledge
  5. I can't seem to join online now, and everyone seems to be running v1.1. I have'nt seen a patch called 1.1, so I 'm assuming that v1.1 is what you get after installing flaming cliffs. I am running 1.02 right now, and as far as I know thats the latest patch. Is this accurate, or am I missing something? Thanks! - Sledge
  6. Very impressive work, you guys!

    I don't think I've seen such fine screenshot art EVER! You guys are really doing some impressive work. Definitely taking the screenshot to a whole new level. Carry on! - Sledge
  7. Dean Reimers F-18s are out

    Dang, Dagger! That Hornet is gorgeous! Where'd you get it? I gotta have one! Oh, and did you find a realistic panel for it? Thanks! - Sledge out.
  8. Need feedback TrackIR Pro

    I know it sounds strange, but you get used to it. I find myself trying to change views with my head even when I'm not flying a sim that supports it. It makes all the difference, especially in air-combat sims! I love my track IR, and I am planning on upgrading to the newest version as soon as I can cut loose some extra cash.
  9. Swiss Air Force Vid, check it out

    Nesher, you come up with the coolest videos! Thanks for passing these along, and keep up the good work! - Sledge
  10. RE: Cougar posts

    Hey Foo, I had a similar problem with the dogfight switch on my Cougar throttle. When I took it apart I found that the housing for the switch was made of plastic and had cracked. I found some really small zip ties and wrapped them around the switch. It has been working like that for over a year. You may want to give that a try, as what you describe sounds just like how that switch felt on my unit before I fixed it. Good luck. - Sledge
  11. Hey PC, I've been using a Thrustmaster Cougar for a couple of years now. Yes, I've had to replace all the pots in the stick and the throttle, however, they were provided to me from thrustmaster free of charge. Yeah, kind of a hassle but I really love this setup. There's just nothing like the feeling of cold metal in your hand. The heft, the metal buttons, the fact they dont slide around on my desk when I'm bankin and yankin, all make this stick worth the occasional soldering I've had to do. I also got a set of hall sensors to replace the pots in the units, and as soon as these pots start to wear out I'm going to replace them, making them the last I'll have to replace. Here is the website for those kits: http://cubpilotshangar.net/ Depending on how deep you wanna get in to this, the Cougar programming possibilities can be down right dizzying. You can, of course use it as a simple direct X unit as well. Hope that helps! Happy trails! - Sledge
  12. Superior Female Beings.

    Women. Can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em. - Sledge
  13. Here Here! All your hard work is really appreciated! Thanks to all you guys for making this the best sim site on the net! - Sledge
  14. gotta love this sheriff!!

    I love Arizona. God Bless Sheriff Joe!
  15. LOL!! Ok Nesher, I guess I'll just have to work through all of 'em. Oh well, someone's gotta do it I guess. So many videos, so little time.... he, he.

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