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  1. saw this and HAD to bring it here!!

    It Was rather funny,tho I think in san fran the person who wrote it would get suspened..otherwise it was excellent...
  2. You Might Be A Maintainer If....

    From a Aviation OrdnanceMan yep a Red-Shirt.. you Know the world is held together with ordnance tape(specifically the green one) you hate bologna sanwiches you trully despise brown bags.... you fix a pilots gripe about loose nut in cockpit by 'nut walked off flight line'.... you dont have a single knucle that aint got at least 2 scars on it you have fallen asleep standing up,head pressed onto a bomb rack.... you know what a hangar queen is.... you Know that a mk-84 is really not a 2k bomb... you have taken a electronic black box,dropped it a few inches and you Know it will work now... this specifically about Airdales...: you know its not a bow, but the pointy end of the boat at one time you tought a foc'sle was a fancy popsickle.. you know the difference between god and the maintenance Chief...the Chief is a tad shorter..
  3. USS Iowa not good enough for San Fransisco?

    Somehow SF seems to forget that it was a FAG that caused the turret to explode aboard the Iowa, in the first place (tongue definetly in cheek) They could have erected a shrine to that 'guy' right next to the turret.......
  4. USS Iowa not good enough for San Fransisco?

    And to think, right across the Bay Bridge, in Alameda, is the USS HORNET. Now that would have been a good place to park the IOWA!! ohh hell yes,but they dont want be reminded their freedom of speech (these days rather abused,sorry to say) has a price tag....
  5. USS Iowa not good enough for San Fransisco?

    (If I was going to commit any kind of money in recognition of war, then it should be toward peace, given what our war is in Iraq right now," Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi said.) I called 'his' office,asked what the situation in iraq was,if he was speaking from personal experience or was 'he' just another loudmouthed bore..then said that it fitted that 'he' was a member of now(yep national organization of women) and wondered if he qualified as a cross dresser or just being a total maricon......then said it was ok,the ship was a warrior and could find a better port than one where half the folks are gay and the other half were usually brain dead.......yeah I was talking to memorex lol.but Id have rather enjoyed talking to the numbnuts real voice... hell San Diego could or ought have asked for the ship,berth it right next to the Midway..damm,great weather and those two Warriors out in the bay to admire..and having seen her goin by a few times I understand why they were called 'showboats',damm they looked Impressive...no wonder ronnie brought them back lol
  6. RAAF F18 Super Hornet

    Haha there is nothing a super hornet can do that an F-14 can't 10X better. MORE RANGE, MORE PAYLOAD and of course the Aim-54 need I say more. Yep Except the f-14 is doing All that from the scrap heap of history...........or it will be doing it real soon...the 18 as it is Now, is a Class Bird...
  7. U.S. fighter jet problem sparked warnings

    Well its been a while since I had added my two cents worth,but this one screamed do it!! If our part-time flyboys with anchors on their necks would add an anchor to the back of an A/F-18 and be able to toss it out, they might be able to stop on the runway available. part time? unless you are talking of the naval reserve Naval Aviators have a primary job,to Fly.... Getting stopped by Big Floating Momma's arresting cable all the time does lead to poor verification that the brakes work on a regular basis. well they do have to be able to hold the bird Prior to launch,they do have to work when the wire is off of the hook.try moving a jet in the dark on a fouled,greasy wet deck,I do believe brakes are needed then... When flying jets becomes their primary mission, instead of chugging around in big floating targets, the Navy's flying safety record will get better. chugging? and again,flying airplanes is a Naval Aviators PRIMARY job,unless detached for other duties.. Somebody once said the Navy guys cannot get it through their heads that they are a 30-40 knot force in a supersonic fight. Blub..........................! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Fire Hawk adressed this rather well...
  8. New Computer

    besides...I think my son is ready for his own computer. One of the best reasons to......
  9. Old flight sims in WinXP

    I thinks he was trying to get Help on how to......
  10. USS America

    Every so often the Navy takes a boat of each class out and sinks them as they said they did with the America,myself I think it would have been better as a museum,but not all do..some years back in the Kennedy we went thru a series of survivability tests,they used a hell of a lot of explosives we did not sink,we were never told the exact amount of explosives used,guess they wanted a full size newer(32 yr old) and see how much firepower it really took....some boats are definetly luckier,myself I was bit apprehensive about a boat named America, picture the headline.. America sinks....she was supposed to have been the last conventional powered boat built,that would have assured her a museum slot,the Kennedy was laid out as a nuke powered boat but congress thought better of it and ordered it be conventional powered..so the Kennedy Will become a museum piece,probably be set up next to ole ironsides up in boston harbor...did the Nav say where they sunk her? any pics?
  11. News of the Wierd

    walken is a real good one//I would say he's the best never been properly noticed actor in last 30 years,he does have a knack for playing reasonably insane guys and pulls it off good..wonder what a film with him and james woods would be like......
  12. Say a prayer today for my shipmate.

    will lose hearing in that ear, but hopefully that is the worst of it. If thats the worst thank god!..yeah I will light a candle for your shipmate Chief..
  13. CPO wisdom...Then, and Now.....

    I had a young girl who worked for me who (while I was conveniently on Leave) accused me of sexual harrassment. When I returned from Leave, I was faced with the charges. yep it happens quite often... Upon further interrogation, the girl admitted her charges were made up. She stated she only wanted to get back at me, because I made her work when she didn't want to. gee you are a ogre!!!!!!!!!!! you actually expected a split tail to do real work???? My career was almost ruined because of her lies. Nice, eh? somehow I sense it came real close didn't it..
  14. This site (link inside) needs to go away.

    I mean where does this guy get off? probablly on little boys.......
  15. This site (link inside) needs to go away.

    nd he leaves his address. He is looking for a fight. Screw him... nahh,that is what he WANTS lol lol..what a cluless no class lower than whale crap waste of sperm.....

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