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  1. I deleted the dorsal fairing item from the aircraft data file and it now looks fine. Thanks for all your attention.
  2. You must have mistaken me for someone else. I have no CF-104 templ.
  3. Thanks, Wrench I'll check for fake pilot entry. Plus I see no private message.
  4. What causes THIS ??!! Aircraft superimposed on another.
  5. I reinstalled SF2 North Atlantic and now all terrains show up. Plus, I can launch from carriers. Thanks for all you support!!
  6. Thanks for all your input!!! As noted the ones circled in red are the ones that are available in game. I will recheck the Cat file entries today and install SF2 Europe from back up file.
  7. Here you go Wrench. The circled ones appear in game.
  8. I recently reinstalled SF2V and SF2I. I added some terrains from back up files but most of them do not appear in game. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Ethiopia, African Horn (1977-1990)

    I added this and your Socotra map to SF2 Israel Terrain files and they do not appear in game. Thanks.
  10. Italy, Southern Europe (1963-1991)

    Looks very Interesting. You say "Having SF2NA is a must, as I have enabled naval ops". My SF2 NA file is currently inactive. If I place in SF2 Israel, it will not be enabled at all? Thanks
  11. Thanks for your quick replies!! I'll do that right now.
  12. I have been an SF user since the days of SF 1. Moved and reinstalled on several computers. Now I have an issue that has me stumped. Is there a way to Install ALL SF2 elements on one drive? In my case, on my disk (drive "D"} that has more available space than my SSD (Drive C). When recently re-installing I selected install position on Drive D but all the detailed 'mod" files end up on crowded C drive. Thanks
  13. Luftwaffe Lili

  14. Welcome Back


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