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  1. In Process of looking at file set up I noticed that during installation process TWO Saved Games files were set up. One on D drive and one on C drive. So I moved terrains to opposite drive and now they work. Thanks for all your help and patience with this.
  2. Note that on my PC "D drive is disk drive ( I only have Sturmovik on C, the SSD ) Note that Terrains are in SF2 Israel and Vietnam Folders.
  3. They are in correct location. I copied a couple of others but still No Joy. Only terrains that show up are Israel, MiddleEast; Vietnam, Southeast Asia ; and Iceland, North Atlantic.
  4. Thanks, Gepard. I added those lines in the IraqWA Terrain file as shown. Iraq Terrain still does not show as a choice. Is that because of error in entry or location in file?
  5. I installed SF2 Israel and Vietnam on new computer running Windows 10. I moved some terrains over from old computer (Windows7). But the only Terrains I can select in game are Vietnam, Israel. Could that be because I'm mission some specific cat files? Any help would be appreciated
  6. I don't use long range missiles that much but the A.I. may be looking at range and target aspect to determine BEST time to launch missile.
  7. Thanks, Regula. Editing decal ini with specific country code seemed to correct problem.
  8. I'm really enjoying Regula's Korea Campaigns. One question though. When fying in my Korea mod install the correct insignia do not show up on aircraft. For example, Migs have French Air Force markings, F-86s frequently carry that od Scorpion Insignia. I don't have this problem in any other mod. Any suggestions?
  9. Enjoying these campaigns of yours. One thing that's odd is aircraft frequently carry wrong insignia. For example sometimes F-86 have that weird scorpion insignia. Migs often have French Air Force Markings. I've never seen this problem before. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  10. Thanks Reg, That did It. K3 terrain now working in single missions and campaign.
  11. Those files are spilt One located at : Program Files(x86)\Third Wire\StrikeFighters2\Terrains contains the IcelandNA cat file Another at :Program Files(x86)\Third Wire\StrikeFighters2WOE\Terrains contains the GermanyCE cat file
  12. Neither one of those is showing in the folder with this path: C:Users\cris\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 NorthAtlantic\Terrains
  13. Thanks fro your quick reply. First I placed Korea 3 in a new Korea Mod using copy of SF North Atlantic exe. But system froze when selecting that terrain for a single mission or when selecting the Korea campaign. Then I added the terrain in other existing Mods. System would freeze when selecting that terrain.
  14. This looks interesting but I have not been able to get the Korea 3 terrain to work at all. I installed a Korea campaign using SF2NA as base. If I select the K3 terrain for a mission or select a Campaign using K3, the system crashes. It is the one terrain , campaign I have issues with. Any ideas as to what could be problem? Thanks.

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