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  1. I don't use long range missiles that much but the A.I. may be looking at range and target aspect to determine BEST time to launch missile.
  2. Thanks, Regula. Editing decal ini with specific country code seemed to correct problem.
  3. I'm really enjoying Regula's Korea Campaigns. One question though. When fying in my Korea mod install the correct insignia do not show up on aircraft. For example, Migs have French Air Force markings, F-86s frequently carry that od Scorpion Insignia. I don't have this problem in any other mod. Any suggestions?
  4. Enjoying these campaigns of yours. One thing that's odd is aircraft frequently carry wrong insignia. For example sometimes F-86 have that weird scorpion insignia. Migs often have French Air Force Markings. I've never seen this problem before. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Thanks Reg, That did It. K3 terrain now working in single missions and campaign.
  6. Those files are spilt One located at : Program Files(x86)\Third Wire\StrikeFighters2\Terrains contains the IcelandNA cat file Another at :Program Files(x86)\Third Wire\StrikeFighters2WOE\Terrains contains the GermanyCE cat file
  7. Neither one of those is showing in the folder with this path: C:Users\cris\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 NorthAtlantic\Terrains
  8. Thanks fro your quick reply. First I placed Korea 3 in a new Korea Mod using copy of SF North Atlantic exe. But system froze when selecting that terrain for a single mission or when selecting the Korea campaign. Then I added the terrain in other existing Mods. System would freeze when selecting that terrain.
  9. This looks interesting but I have not been able to get the Korea 3 terrain to work at all. I installed a Korea campaign using SF2NA as base. If I select the K3 terrain for a mission or select a Campaign using K3, the system crashes. It is the one terrain , campaign I have issues with. Any ideas as to what could be problem? Thanks.
  10. SF2 Korea Terrain (V3)

    Korea3 terrain is the one terrain I can't get to work. After selecting Korea3 terrain for mission the game crashes at the 80% loading point.The file release says it requires patch to July2012 only. I'm trying to run it in dedicated Korea mod created form SF2NA exe. that is current through July 2013. Is that the problem or could it be something else.? In the terrain file, the Korea3 ini. points to the GermanyCE map as follows " CatFile=..\GermanyCE\GermanyCE.cat . Thanks,
  11. Boeing T-X

    Good point, Mako. Initially ( several years ago) Northrop was looking at a version of the F-5 for TX . They abandoned that and opted to team with BAE with an updated Hawk entry ( cousin to the T-45). I guess the contenders realized that a non-US only aircraft would be a non-starter and proceeded with a clean sheet design. TX competition gives Northrop Grumman and Lockheed a "home field advantage" in that they are teamed on F-35. Plus, Northrop Grumman was responsible for overall F-35 avionics systems architecture and Training Systems development . Plus they will be developing new bomber. Even if F-35 goes away, the near term options for USAF and Navy could include installing F-35 avionics and associated network enabled situation awareness capabilities into latest versions of the F-15 and F/A-18. Once again giving advantage to NG and LMCO. Too bad NG's entry looks like a toy.
  12. Something A Little Different

    Super wallpaper source! This alt-history epic would look cool in a computer game.
  13. I have managed to deliver various "buckets of sunshine " using toss maneuver from high altitude. Gives me enough time to get far from ground zero. Send rest of your flight back to base before reaching target area or they may get fried.
  14. Thanks,33 Prior to reinstall I did have it installed in C drive not a Program folder. That may very well be the problem here. Oh well ,maybe a reinstall again but not for a while.
  15. No Reply?? Plus only the Quick missions that I make work. I see that campaigns and missions are in several folders, in baseline ,MOD, Parts etc. In many cases I can't even take off and if I do everyone else stays behind. I do see that enemy aircraft are in flight. My mates stay grounded.

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