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  1. Okay-So I have DCS installed but see no place indicating how to select a particular aircraft for free. Last year it was obvious.
  2. Faroe Islands terrain

    I downloaded to North Atlantic .When map is selected the game freezes to point I have to log out.??
  3. "Have Donut" and " Have Drill" Aircraft.
  4. I see you were a flight of eight so you had two flights. You could advise your second flight only to "engage air". That way they don't all jettison stores and Flight One is still armed for primary mission. Blast through at low level and see if supporting flights ,if any, engage the bandits. In the end, it's better to engage air and abort the ground attack mission than to lose your flight
  5. What If- Back Story.:In late 70's US sells U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt to France and F-4s. First two images F-4s in service. Third Image, F-4 evaluations on U.S.S. Midway.
  6. Really have to scruff these up a bit. Looks too clean.
  7. "What If "- French Corsairs with Sidewinders!!
  8. Really liking these campaigns. Especially the unpredicability of when additional bandits enter the engagement. Just when you think you can RTB, one or two Scooters pop up and you're at it again. A-4s are the only adversaries written in Data files. F-5s are not in camaoigns but it's easy to edit or create new campaigns that employ F-5E's, TA-4s, Have Drill / Have Donut Migs and other "Wild Card" players. Great Work!!
  9. TopGun Campaigns

    Looks great but I installed it in SF2 Vietnam but when I select one of the campaigns, system CODs.!!
  10. In Process of looking at file set up I noticed that during installation process TWO Saved Games files were set up. One on D drive and one on C drive. So I moved terrains to opposite drive and now they work. Thanks for all your help and patience with this.
  11. Note that on my PC "D drive is disk drive ( I only have Sturmovik on C, the SSD ) Note that Terrains are in SF2 Israel and Vietnam Folders.
  12. They are in correct location. I copied a couple of others but still No Joy. Only terrains that show up are Israel, MiddleEast; Vietnam, Southeast Asia ; and Iceland, North Atlantic.

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