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  1. What Do You Want More??

    Ok... Well... I dont have to say that I voted for Realistic Gaming, but I just wanted to state that I would like to see this combined with good grafics! I'm seeing the screenshots and till now you've got me realy convinced that the releese of this sim will be a grate hit! Again, thanks for the good work!
  2. Favorite Falkand's War Aircraft

    I guess its true... Aermacchis realy deserve some credit... If i would like to see that in the flight sim it would look like this: Enjoy!
  3. Favorite Falkand's War Aircraft

    Hi... I'm new in here. I discoverd your project reacently as I got into the ECV56 Forum... I realy love the Idea of a falklnad air battle simulator and feel verry exited about its reelese date!! In the mean time i would like to give my vote to the Mirage III... I guess it is because I always wanted to see an FAA Mirage in a flight sim (Not counting Ms Flight sim.. there is no action there !). Thank you all! Keep dooing your wonderfull job

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