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  1. owhhhh i see it now!!! maybe you could do some modification on aircraftsdata file. i pick an example from lynx AH7 [LeftWeaponStation1] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=1 StationGroupID=1 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=-1.5059,-0.9919,0.3766<<<<<<<<<<<<here AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,180.0<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<here DiameterLimit= LengthLimit= LoadLimit=100.0 AllowedWeaponClass=LGR,EOGR,WGR AttachmentType=UK ModelNodeName= PylonMass=2 there's 2 weapons pylon for this helo consists of 8 HOT missiles you could do some trial n error for the modifications so gut luck
  2. since there isn't any HOT missiles yet released so they used AGM114 instead to replace the HOT missiles!! what do u mean by "2 missiles in the same position, or missiles hanging below the pylons?"?? is it 2 different missile in a rack or same missile placed in a rack consists of 4 missiles??
  3. grippen,,,,,!!!!! i'm a cry baby!!!! i think i seen one on my worlds aircrafts dictionary.
  4. greatly done!!!! many thanks,,,,!! ready to busts some ass!!!
  5. that's for sure!!!! my wingman always took a shots n bought some farms!!! after that the whole goddamn miggy's goin' to hunt me down!! with migs and sams at my six i'd better begone far2 away from em', no back up from red crown
  6. I patched my WOE from the third wire website but I got a problem with the patches so I did not used that patches anymore!! is it gonna be a problem for my future campaign mods if i not using latest patches???
  7. it flew actually!!! it crashes after i've done my missions, it didn't go to missions results, it sends me back to windows screen!!
  8. hay all!!!!!!!! I've done a little mod to my campaign data. i'm tryin' to flew one of my F/A-18A in the WOE 1979 red lightning!!! i've changed all the data required, n it flew. but every time I'm trying to end my mission the game crashes!! WHY!!!! need a solutions!!!
  9. it's very simple broo!!!! activate u'r radar first, try spot the blip on u'r radar n then press "home" to select u'r target have identified who's u'r target is then press insert to lock u'r sparrow(make sure to set u'r radar to search mode)if u are in range then it should read "in range" on your panel with green light on
  10. BrigGen Sonny reporting for duty sir!!!!with all do respect sir, what can we do without our buddies sir?? we can't go out alone there to go busts some mig's sir!!! but if u wanna go out there n busts your ass as well that's another case SIR!!!! or maybe u want to set the enemy AI to hard!!! many pilots would've been killed with that motto that's the truth we're not a universal soldier!!!
  11. great info!!!! the question is why they created the "requesting for help" in the game if there isn't any?????
  12. i'd prefer Taiwaneese ChingKuo indigenous fighters, combines the deadly F-16 n F/A-18 with more sophisticated technology!!! bet it would be a rival to J-10 if it were to engage in the sky!!
  13. did i missed something?? did i?? is that Mirage 2000 maannn!!! or it was just a mirage in the desert wakwakwakwakwakwawkaw,,,,,,,,!!!!!!!! when they are going to release that model??? can't wait to fly it wish all the luck
  14. just sit back n relax go wit yer F-23A 1st n wait for the F-22 to come up!! i heard someone is working on it now!!!!!

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