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  1. So simple it was difficult Good to go, many thanks!!
  2. No Mod folder. I want to install the SF2V Air & Ground War Expansion Pack. I am running Windows 7 Home Premium. Following the directions, I installed and patched a clean version of SF2V and ran the game a couple of times. While I do have the file : C:\Users\Mike Williams\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 Vietnam, it does not generate a "mod" folder. I have "controls, missions, objects, pilot data, screenshots" files and "options-configuration settings." No "mod" folder (my objects folder has aircraft and ground objects files). What should I do next? I appreciate your assistance. Thank you
  3. Many thanks Master Guns Semper Fidelis
  4. Shalom Ran. My e-mail address is ironmike775@gmail.com. Please send me an e-mail and we'll continue. I was in the US Marine Corps. I worked with IAI Tamam, in Yahud, on a night targeting system for IAF AH-1S and USMC AH-1W Cobras. Will give you more details in private e-mail. Cheers Mike
  5. Where in Israel do you live? Do you have contacts who flew these missions? I was stationed in Israel for 3 years, was there for the 91 Gulf War. We went back fall of 07 to visit good friends. We are going back this fall too (me from Afghanistan). My best friend in life was an IAF Cobra Pilot. Like me, he is now retired but we remain brothers. He is going to help with contacts too. Toda Raba (looks better in Hebrew) Mike
  6. Midway

    Thanks...not a lot of time to research. I've been busy at CRC preparing for my second Afghanistan deployment.
  7. Midway

    Which game do you mod to get this?
  8. Received an e-mail from the guy working on the Cobra for WOV. I'd sent him a photo of one that I flew. He is using that photo as the model now. It will look something like this:
  9. New Law...Salute like a Man

    I never worried about it. When I retired, after 31 years and 4 conflict, I still saluted. And dared anyone to question me. What would they say? "What are you going to do, bend my dogtags and send me to (1) Vietnam, (2) Beirut Lebanon (3) Desert Storm (4) East Timor, (5) Iraq, (6) Afghanistan???? :yes:
  10. Thank you....they've never stopped. After 5,000 flight hours and 3 helicopter crashes (first two were shoot-downs) I'm enjoying aerial combat...on the computer (my wife likes it a lot better too). I'm a military history fanatic...particularly aviation. I must confess, this CombatAce is usually my first check when I turn on my computer...even when I was in Afghanistan (I'm due to return early next year). Happy to provide war stories, some even true if anyone is interested.
  11. I'm his Beta tester. He knows. I sent him a bunch of my Vietnam photos. It will be correct. Oh, and yes, it would be good to have an IAH-1S. I was lucky enough to have flown them with the IAF 1990-1991 while stationed in Israel as the NAVAIRSYSCOM Program Manager Representative for the Night Targeting System for the USMC AH-1W & IAF IAH-1S. Cheers Nails aka IronMike775
  12. AH-1Fs were not used in Vietnam. We only had AH-1Gs. The first TOW-Missile firing Cobras were the "Q" models, tested @ Ft. Knox KY October 1973. Once the Q model went into "production" the new designations...F, S, etc, started. UH-1M with French SS-11 anti-tank missiles were used in Northern I Corps during the Easter Offensive, 1972. UH-1Bs with TOW Missiles were used around Kontum, II Corps, with greater success. IronMike775 Snake Driver 1970 - 2001

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