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  1. Thankyou very much. Did not think to use TOMCAT duh
  2. Does any one know where i can get the F-14 templete
  3. VF-32 F-14A Mig Killers 1989

    Where can I get the templete?
  4. TF-30 Turkey Feathers for VF-32 & -41

    Where can I get the templete?
  5. Volunteer's

    What sim?
  6. img00002.JPG

  7. Thankyou. I did look there but nothing. I see the skins but no templetes
  8. Where can I find a F-14 templete please?
  9. Am I missing something with SF2 because I dont have and folder in my object folder. No aircraft or and other folder just the objdata. Can anyone help me here. I thought I would be able to skin and I see there are some out there for SF2.
  10. Does anyone have or know of a F-14 Temp?
  11. I love the VooDoo! Any word on the 2 seat interseptor?
  12. Is there any where I can find psd templetes for IL2
  13. I do I get the weaponeditor to open. I click on it and nothing happens
  14. Fighters

    My skins

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