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  1. Allied Force Contest

    Been out of the loop for a while and need to get back in...some goodies sure would help the cause!! LOL Thanks for the contest and good luck to all.
  2. 6 GMail Accounts

    Got it...thank you!! Robert
  3. 6 GMail Accounts

    Sorry, thought it was listed in profile. Robert Stone rastone_bob@hotmail.com
  4. 6 GMail Accounts

    Would love to pick one up if possible. Thanks for offering, Robert
  5. I would have to agree that the models need some work but also agree that better tactics are the key. As a few have mentioned already, the unload and extend is a very viable option. I have the luxury of having a former AF Rhino driver as a father. I noticed that this was something he used right out of the box the first time I had him try this game. He hasn't enough stick time in the sim to see the bad FM per say and yet he knew that this was a tactic he needed to use. At least that's what I observed. I hope to have him back in the "Instructor" seat as often as I'm able...gotta learn all the good tricks!
  6. Crab - Finally...I've been waiting for some skins from the 8th or at least some more AF SEA skins. Looks good, keep up the good work. Fast - Looks like I was too slow...been meaning to get that Avatar set that you used! Guess I'll have to work on another I have.

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