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  1. OT Free full games

    Since apparently this has become a thread on Widowmaker's OT threads and my response, let me point out this: My objection was Widowmaker starting an OT thread to sharply criticize the British PM and OVS chiming in to sharply criticize President Obama. Most game/sim forums strictly prohibit discussing politics because it can get real nasty real fast. My second objection, now raised twice, is OVS, as a moderator, jumping into controversial topics with very heated opinions. Sorry, but that is not (IMO) appropriate or professional behavior for a moderator. A moderator simply shouldn't allow himself to join into debates, especially heated ones. And Rabu as another developer really shouldn't be standing on the sidelines cheering him on. But, hey, if you guys want to "recharge the batteries" and think that's "Good for the Soul" as OVS says, let's just start flaming and let it get totally nasty. Do you really want my opinions on Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld and how they have destroyed civil rights in this country? How they have trashed the US Constitution (and the US economy)? Nah! I don't think so....And I don't think this is the place for that type of discussion. As you guys keep saying, this was a sim built by amateurs. And here's where it shows. ttt
  2. Proof that Gordon Brown is a prat!

    I agree! When the moderators can't avoid giving their political views, they simply shouldn't be moderators. This thread should have been locked after post 1. Instead, the moderator tossed gasoline on the fire. What international airline do you repair planes for, OVS? Must be Air France.... Politics have no place in this forum. Widowmaker constantly puts up OT threads that have nothing to do with anything except he feels a need to be noticed. Must be very lonely. Kinda sad. But seeing the developers and moderators jump in and help him beat his silly drum is totally inappropriate. ttt
  3. The Sopwith Strutter has dive brakes. You'll need that D key. Tony the Tiger
  4. Here's an interesting discussion of the topic, at least for the effect of German AA on British aircraft (since the Germans rarely flew across the British lines, this makes sense): http://www.theaerodrome.com/forum/referenc...914-1918-a.html Note the distinction between ground fire (ineffective above 3,000 feet by this author's definition) and AA fire. I think it's important to make that distinction. I like it the way it is. Tony
  5. American order of medals.

    Hellshade, Forget your meds today? Eyes counter-rotating? Get a grip, boy! You're raising fanboyism to a whole new level! You're putting a whole lot of words in my mouth that I never said. Digitally enhanced photos? Who said that? Not me, brah! Slackers? Where in my post did you find that? Those terms are with the chirping crickets in your empty skull! Have I ever said it is less than a brilliant sim? Never! And I will buy P4 and any add-ons that are offered. "It's GRRRRRREAT!" (Tony the Tiger) But it does seem if they could get 3,400 historical skins right and accurate daily weather over a four-year war, getting two lousy medals correct isn't asking very much. And if they can get all the Brit, French and German bios correct, why not a few Americans? It's just a cut and paste job from The Aerodrome. Both seem a pretty easy fix to me. (Dej, fixing those medals might be an hour's work and I've been hearing about Paarma for a long time but seeing zero results). I can see why zoomzoom is confused: It's wildly incorrect the way it is. Oh, and I paid much more than $39.95. I bought it at the original price. And it was and is well worth it. Pol, I do appreciate that you say it has been addressed in P4 and am glad to hear it. But heaven help the fool who voices even the most minor criticism. Hellshade the Defender goes bouncing off the walls! Now, just calm down, HS. Get yourself a paper bag and take deep breaths. The fellows in the white coats are on their way. To quote Woody Allen: "Nothing wrong with him that can't be cured with a large dose of Thorazine and a polo mallet." ttt
  6. American order of medals.

    The American medals are totally screwed up in OFF, reflecting the fact that it is, after all, a British and Commonwealth game. This also is evidenced by an almost complete lack of biographical profiles of American aces (even Rickenbacker is missing!) while all Brit, French and German aces are profiled. OFF (or BHAH, a truly unpronounceable acronym -- Bee-hah?) shows the Medal of Honor as the lowest award for 5 kills. Instead, it is, of course, comparable to the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry. In the game you get the VC only after you get 30 kills. I've never been able to get an American pilot in the game to 30 victories (even if they live I hit Nov. 11 first) to see what the "ultimate" American medal is in the hopelessly flawed OFF scheme of US decorations. The correct order of precedence for American WWI medals for valor is: Medal of Honor (highest for valor), Distinguished Service Cross or Navy Cross (second highest for valor -- not to be confused with the Distinguished Service Medal, the highest non-combat award), Silver Star (third) and Citation Star (fourth). http://books.google.com/books?id=B1cMtKQP3...4#PRA2-PA767,M1 It would seem to me that a sim that beats its chest so loudly about being historically correct could at least get the US medals and biographies straight. This has come up several times before to a chorus of yawns from the "developers." ttt
  7. Starting Engine commands

    Who knew??? VERY cool! Thank you, LF! ttt
  8. Which had the most punch?

  9. Some "Blue Max" movie info ...,

    CJ, with all due respect (I've never quite understood what that term means: How much respect is anyone due? ): If you watch the trailer, it's true that you can't see a feed chute or belt feeding the MGs but I'm not sure you would see them at the camera angles that were used anyway. What you can see, very clearly, are the empty cartridge cases flying out when the guns are fired. Watch the first few seconds of the trailer showing the German troops advancing. As a gun collector, I immediately spotted the WWI Germans are carrying WWII-vintage British Enfield No. 4 rifles with Korean War vintage blade (No. 9) bayonets. So what? It's not really important to telling the story. Those probably are Irish troops disguised as Germans (cheap extras) anyway and that's what the Irish troops carried post WWII: Surplus British Enfields. Okay, if you want to be totally anal and pick "Blue Max" nits all day, try these: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0060177/goofs It's just a movie, folks. ttt
  10. Frank Luke

    Hey, as long as you don't point to the sheriff's badge you're wearing while you're offering your opinions, I have no problems with you airing your views at all (well, that whole thread about celebrities and charities should have been locked -- it has no place here on a WWI flight sim forum. Using OT in the title does not make it OK, IMHO). But I do question whether the referee should ever offer views agreeing with one side over the other. There's an ethical conflict (or at least the perception of one). So far, you've managed to play both roles rather well. Interesting and passionate thread. We need more like them. Tony
  11. Some "Blue Max" movie info ...,

    Huh??? The maid in "Shot in the Dark" was Elke Sommer, a humorless German. One of Olham's people Ursula is Swiss and thus much funnier. Sellers was married to Britt Ekland, who was Swedish. I know, those Europeans all look alike to me, too. von Baur, go to the blackboard and write "Google" 1,000 times. Everything you posted was incorrect. This stuff is soooo easy to check.... CJ, it's a frigging movie poster, not an engineering drawing. And since it doesn't show Rubyfan's friend's father on a motorcycle, we can all stipulate it's inaccurate. Lighten up! ttt
  12. Some "Blue Max" movie info ...,

    In this movie, the Germans (and ultimately every nationality) are the butt of the joke (you knew from the very start of the balloon scene that the uniquely, iconic pointed German helmet was going to puncture the balloon; it was only a question of when...). They aren't inherently funny. Actually, my very favorite scene in "Magnificent Men" is when Froebe (who is not a pilot) must fly the German plane because his pilot was poisoned and "a German officer can do anything." He climbs into the plane, and, standing up, opens the manual, reading aloud: "Number 1. Sit Down." So, he sits down. "By the book" probably is why Germany has so many great engineers and so few comedians. Froebe is best known in the U.S. for the line, "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die." Not exactly the punch line to a joke. I admit, Billy Wilder was an exception and he both wrote and directed his many wonderful films. But Fritz Lang was more typical of a great German film maker. ttt
  13. Some "Blue Max" movie info ...,

    What isn't mentioned here -- and the reason for The Aerodrome post which was not written by WF2 -- is that Jack D. Hunter, who wrote the novel "The Blue Max" died April 13. "The Blue Max" was his first novel and, although he wrote many more, is the one he is remembered for. As is usually the case, the novel is much deeper than the movie (how much can you say in a two-hour film?). I highly recommend it. Nice to know Ursula is still with us and still (relatively) hot. Forget the "towel scene" in TBM, though. Her bikini scene in Dr. No is an icon of sexy entrances in a movie. Sri, Olham, but "humor" (Yank spelling) and "German" are contradictory terms. I'm a film buff and I can't even think of a German comedy. :umnik2: Tony
  14. Memorial Day Gift

    Well done that man! ttt

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