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  1. Wolves at War is a closeknit community of WWII subsimmers who use SH3 to roleplay the career of a Kriegsmarine WWII Uboat Captain. This is the third go-round, for Wolves at War, and many of us played in it's precusor iBlitz before that. There is a BDU, Flotillas, Flotilla Commanders, Promotions, Awards, and individual Patrol Order issued by BDU to each submarine. If this sound like something you might be interested in, check out our Website, WIKI, and Forum. WEBSITE http://wolvesatwar.com/?q=node WIKI http://wolvesatwar.org/wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page FORUM http://wolvesatwar.org/radioroom/index.php
  2. Hello gentlemen, I am in the same situation. I lost all my pilot skins. Could someone give me a good link? Thank you,
  3. Some of the fields would have been fallow, and some planted with winter wheat. In certain light conditions it might look blue.
  4. FE where will it go?

    And tons of great skins!
  5. Link deleted..they're at it again

    I believe that Beery's own RealUBoat 1.45 Mod (fantastic!) appears in part in the SeaWolves thing.
  6. AI MOD version 3 beta..

    I am going to do a reinstall of the stock settings, and try to get some baseline data. I will use the following ROE 1. Start in the Air. 2. ALT + N to Objective 3. Fight for 4 minutes 4. Press ESC KEY to end mission.
  7. AI MOD version 3 beta..

    More confusing information: Before installing the AI and GunData mods, I had an AI Squadmember shoot down 3 Brit Planes in about 3 minutes. After installing the Experience, AI, and GunData mods, during another campaign, I had a pilot with a skill of 93. I was floored. I started the 1st mission in the campaign, and he was shot down in first 90 seconds of the mission. I choose Refly, and he was AGAIN shot down in the first 90 seconds of the mission.
  8. When you take your squadron out on Patrol, what altitude do you operate at? Also, is it possible to change the altitude settings of the Waypoints? Currently they all read 2600ft.
  9. First Eagles

    Hello everyone. This is my first post here. What a great community you have. I really love this game. Lt Bruno Stachel has had no successes in his Fokker so far, but he's still hopeful. I have a newb question. Does your squadron always follow you?

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