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  1. Adding new planes.....

    Please disregard this post, I must of had my glasses on upside down and did not see the added planes. Hitech
  2. to First Eagles "Gold". I tried adding the A-Teams Sopwith Dolphin as they said in their instructions and when I run the game a go to Single Missions I can not select it from the list because it is not there. :mda: Help ............... Hitech
  3. CH Joysticks

    Thanks Nathan, it should be a good place to start to learn the CH. Hitech
  4. CH Joysticks

    Does anyone use a CH Combatstick or Fighterstick and would be willing to share there profie with me? I'm new to CH products having used Logitech before and this would help get started. Thanks ..................... Hitech
  5. First Eagles Gold?

    I see it, Thanks .............. Hitech
  6. If I have installed "First Eagle Gold" do I need the "First Eagles Nov 2008 Update"?? Thanks.........Hitech
  7. Got the file but I have a question. Please explain for us Dumbies what files you have in all the folders shown in this jpg you included with the dowload. Thanks ............... Hitech
  8. Tried to down;oad it but Combatace said i did not have enough posts????
  9. Monitor????

    Thanks for everones input, gona get me a 19" LCD Monitor today!!!!!!!
  10. Nieuport 28

    Great Plane, Looks Good, Flys Good
  11. Monitor????

    I have just gotten back into Flight Sims and I am using a 17" CRT monitor now but I wat to buy a 19" LCD. Would this be a good Idea to switch to a LCD???? Hitech
  12. Computer freeze

    I am having the same problem with Alt-N after I installed the patch but only so far with the missions that came with the game and NOT Create a Mission option. The only mods I have are "Smoke Effects Pack - V2." . Hitech

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