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  1. Bloom Effect

    On IL2 and OFF forums they are talking about a non hack bloom lighting effect for Direct X will this work on First Eagles and how??
  2. Flying the Spad V11

    Is there a link to enable the Spad 7 in expansion pack to be flown as well as AI?? Peter
  3. New Cambrai targets file

    Thanks for the help.....Peter
  4. New Cambrai targets file

    Sorry for the confusion..where do I find the file in the game or do I just add this download to the Cambrai Terrains file?
  5. New Cambrai targets file

    Where can I find the WW1 Cambrai_targets ini file????? Excuse the stupidity!!
  6. This looks so good...will the map have the names of towns and airfields on it to aid immersion???
  7. Pilotless DV's

    Just run a quick combat with AEG's doing bombing run. Some Camels and SpadX111's showed up and then some DR1 and DV's got stuck in. Noticed by going through F10 that the DV's were flying themselves! I am using FE and expansion patch with a number of downloads from the FE site. Anybody else having this problem
  8. Seasons Greetings?

    As a Vicar in mid Wales. the 25th is my bosses birthday...think about it.....so here goes...lets get this thread off the ground and wish all modders, users and enthusiasts a very Blessed and Happy Christmas.......
  9. Two installs

    I Have FE with EP but I also have the modified earlier version on file. How can I install both on the same machine?
  10. Just wondering how Edward is coming along with his updated terrains...hope all is going well. The screenshots you put out looked very good indeed.
  11. Expansion Patch Issue

    Where do we stand with this at present...has the problem of the horizon been fixed? Edward hope and trust that all is going well with the reworking of the tiles.
  12. No need of a reply have sorted it out....
  13. Number limit

    I can get as far as texture set 028 but I cannot load any more skins in the texture set, I cut and paste from the download, save, and then when I look in the config file again it is not there and has reverted to number 28
  14. Have followed download instructions got the Junkers, got the sounds but do not have the pilot... if the pilot downloads to objects/aircraft folder I seem to have a pilotless aircraft..any thoughts?
  15. Number limit

    Is there a limit to the number of texture sets you can load into any aircrafts ini file?

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