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  1. Hi Norrin.  I'm about to try your VR setup for Strike Fighters 2 and I have some questions, if you don't mind.  Do I have to install all three programs, or for the first two do I just copy the files into the SF2 directory?  I also have a HP Reverb G2 headset.  Do I have to use Open Track, or can I skip using that with my headset?  Thanks in advance for your help.  I would really love to try out SF2 in VR.  Thanks for  your efforts.  They are greatly appreciated.



    1. norrinor


      Hi Edward, 

      Firstly, I just realised that I still had the original version of the file (v1.0.0) linked via the download file tab in the Combat Ace download section, this has now been corrected so please make sure you get the v1.0.2 version as this hopefully has a slightly better explanation and a few additional details regarding troubleshooting.

      As you said, for the first 2 steps there's no need to install these programs, you just need to copy the relevant files from the downloads into your strike fighters 2 directory, that is the one that contains the SF2.exe files.

      Installing Opentrack with your headset is optional; however, headtracking won't work in VR, that is you'll still need to use the  mouse to look around the cockpit etc. So I highly recommend you install it, that way when you turn your headset your view will change in game. The easiest way to do this is to use the SteamVR settings as shown in image D of the instructions. If you do this, don't forget to set up a dead zone in the mapping options of openTrack.  There's a really nice explanation describing how to set-up OpenTrack here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/34403-a-complete-guide-to-set-up-head-tracking-opentrack/

      I hope this helps,

      Best wishes,

      Simon (norrin)






    2. Edward


      Hi Norrin

      Thanks so much for the help.  Your instructions worked perfectly.  I got the 3D cockpit and everything.  Looks great.  Open Track is working well.  Only on last thing.  When I move my head and look around I can still see the edges of the game screen.  I have tried to adjust the screen size and curvature and it works but at the very extreme I can still see the edges of the screen.  I'm used to playing Il-2 1946 in true VR without seeing the screen edges.  Is there any way to fix that.

      Thanks again for setting all this stuff up.  It works perfectly except for the screen edges.



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  7. Le Grand C To fix the solid object .tga issue using FE2 go into the wwiVosges.data.ini file and replace the Solid Object Texture Material lines with this: [solidObjectTextureMaterial] DepthBufferCheck=TRUE DepthBufferWrite=TRUE RenderedInOrder=TRUE AlphaTestEnabled=TRUE CullMode=NO_CULL LightEnabled=TRUE SpecularEnabled=FALSE EmissiveEnabled=FALSE FogEnabled=TRUE AmbientColor=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 DiffuseColor=1.000000,1.000000,1.000000,1.000000 ZBufferOffset=0.000000 BlendOp=BLEND_SRC_ALPHA NumTextureStages=1 TextureStage[01].TextureName= TextureStage[01].MipMap=TRUE TextureStage[01].FilterEnabled=TRUE TextureStage[01].StageColorOp=TEXTURE_MODULATE_DIFFUSE TextureStage[01].StageAlphaOp=TEXTURE Then all should work as advertised. gterl: Fantastic job on this terrain Really great work Edward

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