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  1. Haha but I heard that there are some issues with the MiG-21's pilot seat. What other issues are there?
  2. Who operates the Mirage 5 in SF2?
  3. Hi, how do I get the source code?
  4. Will there be a Tu-142 as part of the 'Bear' series?
  5. Are there any bugs for the TW series after applying the Oct 2008 patch so that I can fix them? Also, what is the current version of all the TW series titles avail. at the TW online store?
  6. No Herk, no Bird Dog... btw what version is it?
  7. Other than Midnight Club LA Remix, are there other open-world(sandbox) type of racing games for the PSP?
  8. rfactorcentral downloads

    But can't d/l from rapidshare and megaupload. They are the main d/l links for rfactorcentral.
  9. Hey how about doing the F-16C, D and D+ for the RSAF? I can provide pics and some data for you, kct.
  10. Thanks a lot! However, the Singapore Flag shouldn't be on the tail as the RSAF doesn't put the Flag on tails of its fighters. How do I remove it?
  11. Although, FE would be a seperate install. (SFP1,WO* series in one install). And theatres would be Germany, Vietnam and Desert for the SFP1, WO* install.
  12. Hmm...Maybe "ThirdWire Anthology" could be a reality once the WOI add-on is released. It will have SFP1, WOV, WOE and WOI, all patched up to the latest version (if there are more patches in future). Btw, would be even better if First Eagles and its add-on is incorporated
  13. rfactorcentral downloads

    I'm a registered user there.
  14. How do I download from rfactorcentral?

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