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  1. Flanker 2.5, due to not having a chance to jump into the Jane's bandwagon.
  2. My breath has been taken away, I'm in so much need of a new PC for this.
  3. Restart engineers at work, I'm one of those guilty at times.
  4. The truth about cats

    The street cats near my house have gone to a point where they simply walk in and out around the house like a boss. That is very well despite doing so right in front of people.
  5. Functionality-wise, the F-15 wins big time for me.
  6. /Reappearance after his disappearance. Will always be the F-14. That's what most of us born during the 1980s always thought of when we think about the Teen Series guys.
  7. That is one beautiful Flanker you're doing there.
  8. Looking good over there.
  9. I need a new laptop to run all these new mods that appeared while I'm away.
  10. That must be one HECK of a funky mouth.
  11. Cans of spem. Mmmmmmm.

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