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  1. Just flew a misson where I saw a friendly shoot down an enemy plane on short final (shoulda got a screenshot!). I remember an interview with Ret. Gen Chuck Yeager where he talks about shooting down a German plane while it was landing. I believe he was quoted as saying: "A kill is a kill." lol
  2. Thanks MigBuster and Wrench. Unfortunately, that email account is no longer accessible. Hopefully, TK will offer the "Bundle" again around the Holidays. If he does, I'm on it like stink on...I mean...I'm gonna get it!
  3. I'm still flying SF1 (and all iterations thereof) after all these years and still loving the heck out it! I had purchased the SF2 "Bundle" from Thirdwire last Christmas but, lost it in a HD crash. Never got to install it because I was waiting on a new rig. Well, I got that new rig but, no SF2. So I tried installing SF1 on Win8 - ah - NOGO! But, I got to be flying SF some kinda way. So, I reinstall SF1 back on my WinXP machine and some kinda way, it seems better than ever! So, what am I missing as far as SF2 goes? I've seen some screens, they do look good, but SF1 on Anti-Alias and Anisotropic looks great too. Aw heck, who am I kidding? I'm sure I'll end up purchasing SF2 again anyway. SMH.
  4. I can definitely relate to this topic. Seems like I've spent the last three years tinkering...now it's time for some serious playing. Lately, I've been doing just that and having a stone blast! Vince

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