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  1. CF-101 Voodoo

    There is a whole litany of inaccuracies not only on the markings but the weapon loads. I figured out that you need to adjust the weight limits for Genies from 420 max to 800 in the data file. This will allow for both Genies instead of the current one. PM me for my repainted skins. studiorobichaud@gmail.com
  2. Greetings All, Has anyone ever actually finished any single Wings Over series campaign? After seven plus years of hard core flight simming I am proud to say I finally finished one form Sept18 to Oct 18 1977 flying an F-15A form the 525th "Bulldogs" TFS. The campaign was a very detailed and historically correct (as close as possible) self modified version of WOE 1979 which I called BITBURG EAGLES 1977. I rewound the clock back to the year 1977 when the first F-15s reached europe replacing F-4Es from the 36th TFW in Bitburg West Germany. The normal 1979 F-15 squadrons in 1977 were equipped with F-4s with the only F-15 squadrons being 22,53,525 TFS flying the F-15. I also added a few SU-15, SU-24 and MIG-25 squadrons. I had everyhting set on hard and actually took off flew all the way and back and landed. I managed to stay alive despite being shot down three times and kept a running log (attached) of all 27 mission events. I would be interested in hearing anyone else's flight sim war stories. 525 TFS log.doc

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