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    Yes I agree Mike , I have every admiration for people who are able to do this , brings a lot more interest/fun into many games/ sims . Andy
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    Hi Andy , second post ,just thought you might be interested in this link ,you can downloaded an eindecker ,there are two versions , it a web site called first eagles add-ons ..here is a link[url http://www.ebort2.co.uk/FE.html, hope it works for you,I haven,t tried them yet ..so good luck .cheers .
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    Hi Andy ,well I to was hoping for a quick download ,I was interested in trying a few of the new modded planes.......na ja looks like I,ll have to wait .But I did manage to get an eindecker from some where else ,so I,ll give it a go in a mo .Otherwise an interesting flight sim ,something different ....the sim gives an authentic feeling and is also fun ,pity they could have made a lot more out of it .Well chaps have fun flying .....my first post .................damm and I wanted so much to fly the Gotha bomber . seeya all.

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