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  1. Thanks for the reply and info Ruggbutt, I'll give it a try! joe
  2. Sorry Newbee Question. Is there a good Saitek X52 DAT file for just trying out LOMAC 1.01, I just got LOMAC and I wanted to try it out with the X52, but the DAT file on the Saitek install disc is wrong with buttons that corespond to what looks like a M$ Flight Sim 2004 config. Thanks
  3. Sorry Newbie Question. Any Step wise Guides to Making skins for LOMAC in Photoshop, IE Resolution to be used, things that need to be watched out for so that the skin remains compatible, ETC. Thanks
  4. Sorry I'm a Newbee. I need a good guide or manual to help me thru in step wise fashion to setup Flight in Campaign Builder.
  5. Can't seem to setup options in LOMAC 1.01 for Saitek X52. On site mentioned that it should be "Cleared" in options menu but didn't how to do this. Newbee Sorry!

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