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  1. Thank You MK2

    Thank you!
  2. Clickable Cockpits

    The clickable cockpits seemed to me to add a little more to the experience. Instead of pressing CTRL+whatever to do something, you actually found the switch and activated it. It's an unecessary feature, sure, but I always liked it. For modern sims, though, I agree that the time lapse for using the mouse is a problem, but I think that Falcon 4.0 did a good job by adding that freeze mode, so you could find the right switch and use it without using precious time.
  3. Clickable Cockpits

    Hey everybody, I'm new here (and am happy I found this site) and am trying to get more involved. One thing I've been curious about for a while is do they make games with clickable cockpits anymore? The only ones that I've really seen (that I own, anyway) are Falcon 4.0 and CFS 2, and I'm wondering if there are any new sims that incorporate that feature, or if it kind of just died out. Thanks, guys, will appreciate any feedback I get.
  4. Anyone still flying Jane's F15?

    F-15 is the game that got me hooked on flight sims. Especially loved how you could jump in the back seat and change the fire rate of the cannon and stuff, it impressed me back then when I was younger, and stuck with me. Wow it's been a long time since I've played that....................
  5. Community Announcement

    Why are people complaining about you wanting them to post? I'm as quiet as they come, and even I don't have a problem with this. I don't understand why giving people an opportunity to voice their opinion and give feedback is a bad thing. It seems like a good way to let everybody, regardless of skill or experience in the areas of addons and other things like that to contribute something. Oh, and by the way, love the site. Been looking for one like this for a while. Keep it up, guys!
  6. How Cold Is It Where You're From?

    High twenties here in Maine. Past couple of years it's been way too warm for the winter. Trees would do their normal thing in the fall, then bud in the middle of January because of all the rain and 45 degree average temp, THEN there would be a cold snap, and kill everything again. Stupid El Nino.

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