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  1. Salute The =AVG= 11th Bomb Squadron is currently looking for any novice or experienced pilots interested in flying heavy and light bombers. Exceptional warriors ready now to provide responsive, flexible and accurate bomber combat power and expeditionary combat support to warfighting commanders… anytime… anywhere! Those who are ready to lead the 11th Bomb Squadron to be one of the best Bombing Squadrons in the IL-2 1946 Hyperlobby, and other communities, are welcome to step up and become a 11th Bomb Squadron member
  2. Multiple RB3D setups

    Salute Here is a link to a mod switcher it has the games for the diffrent patches all ready to go it is in german but alot of folks are using it http://h1358923.stratoserver.net/ModManage...DE/Default.aspx
  3. Multiple RB3D setups

    Salute here is a link for the patch switcher http://hosted.filefront.com/RAFPython
  4. Multiple RB3D setups

    Open your Seirra folder and make a new folder name it what ever your new addon is then copy the files inside the original red baron and paste them in your new one you can then add what you want to it. I have atleaste 12 setups of red baron this way running the diffrent games and fm and I am currently designing a new war game with new FM and targets maps and such I have even made a new Baron TEd that is to replace the island ted with a Channel Ted{english Channel} I am working on a large version of it. There will have seaports forts and other items not used in MMP side of game. We will also have float fighters and bombers as well as land base planes. if you need help email me at twk43000@yahoo.com There also is a couple of patch switchers that some use I can get you the link to download it.
  5. 3D Models

    Salute I'm trying to locate some 3D models of ships, castles, forts, and seaports to use in Red Baron 3D
  6. Flyby & Chase Views

    Salute Thanks DM I used it was great I will be using it from now on. Adds new feature to FE very Nice everyone should try it.
  7. patch problems

    we have done all that i am lost as what else to do game works fine without patch add patch and it messes up tried an all the stuff uninstalling it defrag reboot afterwards seems to be in the patch somewhere
  8. patch problems

    Salute 1.3 gig Processor amd 9250/256meg raideon card 1 gig memory windows xp pro we have tried diffrent game settings still happens. it is the stock game he downloaded with the patch installed
  9. I am trying to get someone setup with First Eagles and we tried it diffrent ways if he puts in the patch and he goes to fly his plane disapears for a few seconds when he pulls up or if he is online and looking at target view while trying to dogfight. It does the same thing in Single Player. If he does not put in the patch the game works fine .His system meets the min. requirements for the game. antone have a suggestion? and we have updated all his drivers
  10. I installed the gotha bomber and tried to fly it it had no skin on it and could not shoot guns anyone have a suggestion
  11. Salute!!!! does anyone have problems with the zepplin flying it seems to dive and fly apart and when you fly a mission against it it dives straight toward the ground
  12. Hi I'm trying to get info on were do i get the new planes for First Eagle and how and were do I install them I don't want to mess up my game Python

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