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  1. MIG 29 /Su-27

    Damn... whatever they're paying you, it ain't enough!! And YOU BACKFLIPPED THAT SUCKA!!! I didn'y expect to see Pugy's Cobra in the SFP series...
  2. I'm pretty positive that those values represent the number of days that pass between sorties.I've played around with these values before and found myself doing a sortie roughly every second day (the entire campaign would have lasted about 200+ sorties!!) But what I can't remeber is if the ~missionratedevitaion lines randomise the types of sortie (even though there's a section where you can specific the chance of different types of mission) or whether NormalMissionRateDeviation has something to do with operating in an offensive or whether that's covered in the OffensiveMissionRate line. By the entry you have there, that would suggest an offensive every month when seems about what it was for the default campaigns for SFG.
  3. Helps if I give the link: http://www.aerodyn.org/Wings/delta.html Oops...
  4. Apparantly Deltas bleed speed during manouvering due to loss of lift from the leading edges, more so if they're a low aspect delta. You'll see some deltas have cranked wing roots (like the Vulcan) or they'll have stretched roots (like the Hal Tejas) to counter this loss. I'm not too sure on the whole mechanics of it, I'm not an engineer, just a nerd. But this site might help. It explains delta dynamics... but it's kinda technobabble...
  5. Mirage 2000 Query

    Hey, I was only kidding, I like the 22, I didn't at first because I liked the YF-23 much more. But, you know, the F-22's grown on me... ...JSF on the otherhand, all I'm saying about it is that it will be a pleasure to clean the skies of that P.O.S. I have good reasons for disliking it, I work for a governmental thinktank here in Oz and we're constantly debunking a lot of BS about it spun by the media, lobby groups, political parties and especially the contractors (not because we dislike the aircraft, but because of the context in which it will be used. My opinion of it on the otherhand is a different story! ). It'll fill a nice bunch of roles when it comes out, all of which will be burning wrecks after I've pimpslapped it from the sky in my Raptor or Flanker, or, if I'm feeling cocky, my Scooter Alls I'm saying is bottom line , "the next F-16" it ain't! (Btw, not taking a shot at the modders here, just wanna make that clear...)

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