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  1. Albatros D3 Needs Your Help!

    Never trust the profile artists, but always look on the original pictures. The bottom "may" look flat because there may be border on the UV map of the plane, thats why, the shadow breaks there and creates illusion. You may email TK and ask him to send you different screenshot taken with different perspective. Cheers!
  2. Kinda when ull get in, there will be 11/3 Usually its 10-15 in the evening, most players on TT server. But advetisement of tw is **** so dont expect more. note, that no big Simming portal has tw section. But when you will get on HL only IL series has hungreds of players, the rest has the same auditory as there. Cheers!
  3. Unfortunately not to be honest. I hope it will change after the new relase, since RS will introduce more "wanted" planes, such as Albatroses D. Also, lack of the organised events prevents single pilots or online squadrons from playing there. It has nice multiplayer potential with wide option possibilities, but its not used well. BTW: here is a nice link: http://fishbed.targetware.net/~joe/spelunk.php It lists all the TW servers and shows number of players. Hope it helps a bit. Regards!
  4. You welcome, Here is the full list of the objects (including the upcoming relase) Great Britain -Vickers FB5 Gunbus -BE2c -S.Schneider and Tabloid -Bristol Scout -DH2 -S.Pup -FK8 Big Ack -Camel: Le Rhone, Clerget, Bentley -Rolls Royce Armoured car/RR Tender -HMS Velox destoyer France: -Nieuport N.11/12/16/24/24bis -SPAD S.VII: 150/180HP/British Bleriot production -Caudron G.IV -Morane Saulnier N Germany: -Fokker E.III -Fokker D.II -Fokker Dr.I -Halberstadt D.II/D.III -Albatros D.I/D.II/D.III/D.III OAW -Albatros B.II/C.I -Aviatik C.I -DFW C.V (early/late/with overcompressed Benz D.IVa engine) -torpedo boat Each plane has its own 3D cockpit and detailed paints. Regards!
  5. hehe:) There will be some scenarios which include: -HMS Velox, British destroyer -Sopwith Schneider, British floatplane -Gunbus vs -Fokker E.III -Albatros W.I floatplane -German torpedo boat All operated by players. The key is to protect/attack the ship convoy heading to Nieuport port.
  6. Hello all, Just a quick post from the RS forum from www.targetware.net The new "Richthofens Skies" modpack will be relased during the next weekend. For those of you who have never heard of it, its Massive Multiplayer-only game with really challenging flight model, focused especially on the earlier period of WW1 aerial warfare. the game engine hasnt been finished yet, so both eng. and mods are in BETA stage availble for FREE download and testing. Scheduled for release 18 March, 2007. New planes: Albatros DI - 4 skins Albatros DII - 5 skins Albatros DIII - 10 skins Albatros DIII OAW - 7 skins DFW Cv, three versions (thanks to WoP team) - 2 skins Caudron GIV - 6 skins Sopwith Schneider - 2 skins Sopwith Tabloid - 2 skins Nieuport N12 - 1 skin Nieuport N16 - 1 skin Nieuport N24 and N24bis (thanks to WoP team) - 2 skins Updated planes: Nieuport N11, new skin Ships (drivable) S143 German Torpedo boat Vehicles (drivable): Rolls Royce Tender Ground objects: A range of new objects Terrain: New Europe terrain, thanks to Bomber and Snafu of T4T Scenarios: New set thanks to Lucas New set of off-line test scenarios Sounds: New sounds thanks to Okie File structure: New structures to increase maintainability and sharing with other mods, especially WoP. New templates: N24 (thanks to WoP team) DFW Cv (thanks to WoP team) Corrections: Otto fixes Particle files Pilot wound files Pilot head movements Improved Spandau model for interior Limits on outside view for fighters, bombers and 2 seaters retain outside view on-line Server: Thanks to Vespa for space and support All the dev team have been working very hard to make this new release and welcome your comments once it is released, so we can make it better. There is more in the pipeline, but we'll talk about them later. Not wanting to give too much away. If you've gotten this far, then you deserve some screenshots.
  7. Hi, The patch fixed the rudder issue which behaviour was unacceptable for me in the first FE version. Now, i have some much better rudder control and can finally fight with boom n zoom tactics rather than turnfighting. Another good thing which you mentioned is reduced shooting effect. Finally, you can still dogfight, even if you received some hits. Just a few observations, most linked with basic planes. The ATI card fixes dont work with my ATI x1600 pro:(, so i still fly without shadows.
  8. File Name: Fokker E.V of lt.Stefan Stec File Submitter: Lucas81 File Submitted: 10 Mar 2007 File Category: WW1 Aircraft Hi, This paintscheme represents the Fokker E.V no.187/18 of lt.Stefan Stec from 7.Eskadra (fighter unit) in 1919. I applied the 2-colour brush streaks on the wings. Check the readme.txt inside to get some more info about the pilot! Thanks to Laton and VonDeutschmark for permission to upload it! Lucas Click here to download this file
  9. Version


    Hi, This paintscheme represents the Fokker E.V no.187/18 of lt.Stefan Stec from 7.Eskadra (fighter unit) in 1919. I applied the 2-colour brush streaks on the wings. Check the readme.txt inside to get some more info about the pilot! Thanks to Laton and VonDeutschmark for permission to upload it! Lucas
  10. Nieuport 24

    If this is the cockpit for the N.24, she should have it round from inside with ribs. This one is excellent but for N.17/21 or 23. There is a small problem with the N.24 pit, because we dont have pictures of it. there is only 1 picture of cockpit in N.24bis replica, which has modern gauges. But many things should be similar to the earlier Nieuport models. If you have painted 3d ribs on the outside of the fuselage, they shall be inside in the cockpit, too. Anyway, looking very nice!
  11. Nieuport 24

    And one more thing according of FM. I dont know id its possible here or not, but this plane should have huge rudder control. Now, she has almost none of it What is more, she doesnt stall now. I was able to climb on normal FM on 90 degree zoom with speed of 35-40 km/h (about 20mph) without no further loss of speed. When i decreased the angle to 80, the speed started to increase. I dont know if these are game engine limitations, but you should try to do something with the rudder reaction. Currently, pure boom n zoom dogfight looses its sense, since i cannot perform hammerhead because i have no rudder reaction at low speed (but i should have a lot then) Hope it will help a little bit. Best Regards!
  12. Nieuport 24

    Hi, The N.24 had only one vickers gun mounted on fuselage. The 2nd gun was optional Vickers gun on wing mount. Its the old, wrong thing which was common in the stock RedBaron3D where N.24 had 2x vickers on fuselage. RFC used N.24/24bis (and N.27 which should be very easy to rework from N.24) with ONLY Lewis gun on Foster mount. If we are speaking on N.27... The tailskid had diffrent construction and there were some changes in the axle. And N.27 was slightly longer and used totally diffrent airfoils since it had reworked wing ribs. Cheers!
  13. Nieuport 11

    Nice looking bird :) Thanks for the update! About the aiming problems.. how about lowering the head position a little bit? this should solve the problem.
  14. Nieuport 11

    Hi Monty, How about adding fuselage crosswires instead of sight? AFAIK there was no such sight in N.11, even in N.16 if iam not wrong. Such crosswires as in N.24, but this time they should be symmetrical. Regards!
  15. Shadow Problem

    Hi, I have the same experience with turning shadows ON. Iam using Radeon X1600 pro. Also, with shadows off, i have some minor terrain glitches while bein at low altitude (textures disappear for a while) Regards!

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