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  1. Caproni Ca.3

  2. Aero L-29 Delfin

  3. Hello Soulfreak, this project is "on hold" and I am not able to continue on it due to real life. I can send all files you can see here to somebody.
  4. Hello I still have the 3D file and templates if you want. Monty CZ
  5. Do you know this page? http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/me109/me109e.html Might be useful Monty CZ
  6. Last versions of Blender made conversion to 3DS even more complicated. I dont think its even possible to make complete model with UVW maps and hierarchy and export it into 3DS. I do mesh modeling in Blender because its faster and I was used to, then everything else I did in 3DS. Maybe somebody could make export from Blender available Monty CZ
  7. War Thunder - Any takers?

    Sometimes I play that but when He-51 is faster than lagg-3 I dont call it simulation :-)
  8. Playing with trees lately: one LOD is for 5 trees in sguare 40x40m Monty CZ
  9. I have only limited amount of time so I can "trade" plane modeling for map works :-) seriously some terrain guru would be helpful - I want to use stock germany CE map but modded with smaller towns and different TOD buildings (to eliminate skyscrappers) Monty CZ
  10. ups I did it again work slowed down due to RL but still in the process Monty CZ
  11. I use one sided material and if required simple copy the mesh invert faces inside and connect it in hierarchy to the original one
  12. I would vote for import option since I lost a lot of source files of released planes and objects :-( Even payware PRO version is option for me. Monty CZ
  13. hello its DAT with permission to include into the mod. Monty CZ
  14. Still slowly working on the subject airfield german side - Monty CZ
  15. Did you tried the same "smooth group" as fuselage? Monty CZ

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