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  1. Fast Eagle: It's a riddle, right? I mean, the answers to my question are hidden in your post like a riddle, rght? I'll get Frodo. He's gooood at riddles. Galanti: I flew around the city for a good ten minutes waiting on those guys. maybe I should have given it more time. But I figured hanging around only invites trouble so I split.
  2. Can anyone tell me how to properly use, or where to go to read how to properly use, my wingmen? On an airfield attack I had at least 12 bomb laden planes under my command and altho I directed my wingman to bomb my target and the other flights to attack ground targets, three fourths of them just flew around and didn't unload their ord. I tried directing my other wingmen at specific targets and that may have worked but the other flights just didn't do anything specific. Where can I read up on procedure of this scenario? Personal views welcome.
  3. Went and hit the wrong icon on my desktop by mistake and to my surprise, the game loaded. Gave it a try and sure enough, Strike Fighter plays fine without a CD. I have no idea why this is but I find it great that I don't have to own two copies of the same game to play against my kid in the same household. And by the way, if anyone knows how I can burn myself a copy of CFS3 and use it to play against my kid in the same household, I would be forever greatful. Piracy issue be damned, I am not about to pay for the damned thing twice.
  4. Armourdave's question about wether they even fired multi back then is quite valid. For realisims' sake, that would explain it.
  5. They just don't ripple for me. i reread the Lossa Rockets post and went back into the game again. Set the 'Bomb Ripple' (Doesn't say anything about rockets) for max and played with all the interval levels but my stick still only fire one rocket at a time. Any more siggestions out there? :?:
  6. Didn't see much about installing skins to the game. If it involves more than drag and drop a bunch of files it's probably too complicated for me.
  7. Found my old post on my Skyraider sound probs. Replys said the fix was in the cockpit.ini update which I installed and which fixed my problem. Not happy with the Skyraider sound, tho. It's got a bad loop and doesn't run like a smooth engine sound.
  8. Installed Yom campaign OK, but can't figure out how to apply the addon plane skins. Readme says something about 'name of aircraft texture folder must be this...'. I am wondering if that means to put the aircraft into the textures folder and rename it or what? Almost too complicated for a dummy like me. Can anyone send me a short version of Addon Installs for Dummies?
  9. Trying to install afterburner effects to FlightData catalogue but it is shown as some sort of security catalogue and won't let me in. Anyone know how to deal with this?
  10. OK, so here's a couple more complaints. Please don't hate me, I'm only the messenger. 1. The soundloop blows. It's definately a great houserattlin(If I have it turned up.((Can still hear the wife,"TURN THAT DOWN!!))monster Skyraider radial but the loop is far from a smooth transition. 2. My wingmen have no loadouts. Am I missing something here?
  11. Hey Armourdave, Sounds like we just can't win. Put together the best sys I could afford, along with the gforce 4600 at 128megs of ram, and it ain't enough? Doh!
  12. Got my Skyraider workin fairly well, sound and all. I do have an invisible Skyraider sometimes at certain angles of external view. Goes away for the most part after takeoff. What's funny is all the armament is still hangin there. On a high note the rocket packs are awesome. thought I was on unlimited there for a while. Took me a long time to empty them. Next time out they are going to be set at quick any muti ripple. Watch the Devastation!
  13. Scuz my ignorance, maybe I should look at the book a little more carefully but does anyone know how to zoom the map? Like to see the big picture.
  14. Ya, things'd be a lot easier if there was a readme. No such animal.

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