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  1. Thanks for your reply Anyway, it seems to have fixed itself. After a full restart of my PC, joystick is working fine, with no issues.
  2. Hi all Having issues with getting my Logitech Extreme 3d Pro joystick to work in game. It's recognized and all axis are assigned in the 'Workshop' settings, but when I've tested in game (in quick combat), there is no functionality whatsoever. I've tried clearing everything and rebinding x y & z axis and even cleared all keyboard binds for ailerons, elevator and rudder, but still no response - it as if it isn't even plugged in when I go into a flight. I should add that it works fine in IL2 Great Battles - full functionality and everything works just fine - so I'm guessing it's a problem with WOFF not liking my stick in-game for some reason - maybe a corrupted file in the game install? Has anyone else experienced a similar problem with their controller (Logitech or others). If anyone can suggest a fix/workaround to get it working, I'd be really grateful. Thanks in Advance
  3. Jasta 6 Strate Arrow

  4. Jasta 6 Zig Zag Arrow

  5. Jasta 6 Swirl Stripe

  6. Jasta 2 Sachenberg

  7. Fokker D.VIII

  8. RNAS Nieuport 11

  9. RFC Nieuport 17 C.1

  10. Göring’s Snow White D7

  11. Hi-res Terrain Set Released

    That looks fantastic, Max I was fan of your work for EAW - good to see you applying your talent to this splendid sim! Many thanks! Hawkers

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