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  1. talk to me about how jet engines behave

    Check out http://www.eflightmanuals.com for Harrier Flight manuals. Cheers James
  2. what am I doing now?

    Damn - I was there as well, and I thought I saw you if your picture on the main page is anything like you. But I was helping someone with a Cougar discussion and didn't see you again. Damn. Double damn! Anyway it was quite a quiet affair this year. Last year we had a couple of FB machines linked with Oleg present, 2 LOMAC machines linked with Matt Wagner present, the BDG group, RealSimulator showing off their hardware, and the year before that we had several members of Frugal's World in Aker Barnes pits networked flying F4. A fantastic show. Well hopefully you'll be there next year with something to show on a stall. If you do I'll provide some expensive controllers to demo with ;) Difficult to say about publishers .... I would be tempted to go it alone, it will be more profitable for certain. It depends whether you want to trade profit and control for reduced hassle. After a distributor's taken their 30 to 60% cut, and you've paid 20 to 40% tax on the rest, you may decide it's better to go it alone. Cheers James
  3. what am I doing now?

    I doubt it, unless Bob can hook you up nearer the end of the day on the PC that's used for the talks. There may well be one of the crowd there happy or interested enough to see it. We can but try ;) I'm aiming to be there mid afternoon 2:30pm onwards I guess. Cheers James
  4. what am I doing now?

    I bet you're looking forward to the sort of HUD info that helps with this VTOL manouvering! Nice vid - thanks! :yes: James
  5. what am I doing now?

  6. what am I doing now?

    I believe PC Pilot and Computer Pilot will be there. Let me know if you want any contacts for PC Pilot. I've written for them before. If you decided you wanted to demo the alpha you have, you'll find Bob at RC Sims pretty accommodating. I'm sure he'd be interested in letting a table go for your demo. Drop him a line, or I can (he lives just up the road and I've known him for a long time.) Certainly I'll be most interested to see anything you have to show ;) Cheers James
  7. what am I doing now?

    That would be fantastic if you could have something at the show to see. I would very much appreciate it if you would post here if any of the team will be there and where you might be demonstrating it. Cheers James

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