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  1. Its a Fresh Install. Thanks Polovski .. off to the FAQ I go.
  2. Running VISTA64 Home OFF 1.30C Hard DM At the end of each QC mission I a get a full blank screen with the title "Missions not responding" It stays displayed for about 5 seconds then I am returned to the QC selection screen. Is there a fix for this ? Is it significant ?
  3. Finger trouble on my part I think Sitting_Duck. I was trying to run it direct from the exe in the MB folder. Running via Start>programs>OFF> Mission builder and all seems to be ok. Thanks for the help.
  4. Windsocks

    I am not so sure The Windsock and the smoke plume are at right angles to each other.
  5. I also get about 10 successive error dialog boxes about various BMP files that cant be loaded.
  6. Just update OFF to ver 1.30C. MB now shows this error on start up. Cant find font OCRB(-13) using arial instead. MB wont load at all now. Any clues on a fix ?
  7. Same issue here. Running Ver 3.0 Hardcore DM. In QC after selecting PfalzIII a box pos up saying this is a non certified aircraft and cannot be used. I press done on the dialogue box and then see the QC hourglass with a circle with diagonal cross as a mouse cursor. PC effectively frozen. Needed CTL+Alt+DEL to shut down OFF manager.
  8. Thank you for the jpeg.dll file Sitting_duck all works just fine now.
  9. Gooday Sitting_duck. That would be great if you could send me your jpeg.dll. My Email addy in a PM. Regards Ivank
  10. Yes and no matter how I start it I get the same jpgg.DLL related error message
  11. Still cant get MB to run still get the jpg.dll error message. "The procedure entry point jpeg_std_error could not be located in the dynamic link library jpeg.dll" Here is what I have done. Installed CFS3.1 Installed Cfs3mb10.msi into CFS3 Installed OFF and patched to 1.28A
  12. Ok many thanks will give that a go.
  13. Is there a way to remove the screen messages like "Hit Unknown Airman" "Warning near stall" etc ?
  14. Excuse me Oldham but how about keeping to the subject ? My comment was purely in relation to Air speed indicators nothing else. I havent complained about immersion AI, or the stamina required to fly a serious dogfight. I can get on quite well without the ASI too boot. It was an observation not a complaint. Yes I am a Noob to OFF but not the Combat flight Sim arena. For the record I am enjoying OFF immensely (at max difficulty settings right from the get go) and appreciate the dedication that has obviously gone in to producing this gem.
  15. Missing from all the German types are the Airspeed Indicators. Typically these were of the self contained anemometer type and located on a strut outside the Propeller slipstream. Typical example can be seen on this Fokker DR I restoration : http://memorial.flight.free.fr/indexuk.html Any chance of such a device being included in OFF ?

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