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  1. Looking forward to doing some high speed, low altitude passes on some suspect missle sites :).
  2. savage, Using the Strike fighter extract program.. Extract the original patched soundlist.ini file from flightdata.cat file then add this line in the ini file after the soundfile027: SoundFile028=A1Engine At the end of the file enter this line: [A1Engine] Priority=LOW 3DSound=TRUE DopplerEffect=TRUE Looped=TRUE NumBuffers=2 FrequencyControl=TRUE MaxDist=250.000000 MinDist=50.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 ConeOutsideVolume=0 ------------------------------------------------------- That should let you have the big explosions and your a1 engine. Using soundlist.ini and data.ini aircraft file, you can customize all the sounds of your aircraft. :) p.s. AFIAK you can keep adding sounds to the sequece. I'm up to a total of 29 sounds now. Now if I can find a way to customize the RWR sounds. edit: doh! Answered in another thread

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