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  1. I just down loaded Hamachi, How do you find network and pass words to join would love to participate.
  2. Was just wondering with all these great down loads does any one still play SF on line some where. I still hit some of sites Hyper Lobby Game Spy but I never see any one, is there some were else people are playing just wondering.
  3. Galen Thurber up to his old tricks...

    I read this site site every day. Sooooo does that mean I have to give back my good conduct medals now. :) Great site Flakmagnet
  4. Been having problems with the ammo weight seems all aircraft are involved when playing in moders missions A1h at 235,000lbs airplane won't accelarate to fly how can I fix these problems where at in config files can this be addressed. :?
  5. With all the talk about the second patch has any one talked to TK or Third Wire about an updated or estimated completion date not exact time just an estimated date they think things may be wraped up ready for us. :D
  6. :D when will it be available looks great this simm just gets better and better!!
  7. great looking carrier looking forward to takeoffs/landing scrambling for the intercepts. I loaded the cargo ship but not sure if loaded correctly haven't found the carrier yet. Will it show in any special missions or campains, how do I find. Thanks keep up the great work it looks really good!.
  8. :roll: Has there been any word on the second patch yet. Little worried saw this game at compusa for 20.00 bucks. I do enjoy the game when things are running good great crowd to fly with, hate to see this game die.
  9. is there any way to assign red to enemy white to way point so as not to confuse the two tried it out liked it but confuded the two during the heat of battle
  10. Help: I added a mission folder to the main Dir in strike fighter to add missions to so far none of the missions show up when I go to single missions what am I doing wrong new to the file system in strike fighter.

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