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  1. Thanks for the replies! But how do i know which cpu would slow down my Graphic card or vice versa. My Graphic card has 700 Mhz gpu speed and 1150Mhz memory clock speed and 1gb ram. Would a 3ghz phenom II x4 quad core cpu slow or speed up SF2?
  2. Hi, i'm thinking of buying a new cpu, my Current cpu is a dual core AMD athlon II x2 260 with 3.2ghz. I'm thinking of upgrading to a Phenom II x4. At the moment SF2 run at around 25 fps at an airport with a lot of 3d objects and 50-60 fps normal. Will the extra 2 cores help the performance? My specs are: Windows 7 home premium 64bit 8 gb ddr ram Club3d ati radeon 5750
  3. Hi everyone, i'm having problems with the SF2 series since i upgraded my pc with a new Am3 motherboard (old one was an am2+) and from 4gb DDR2 to 8gb DDR3. The crashes occur after i start the exe, it shows the loading screen then the standard windows 7 message shows (windows is searching for a solution). I'm using Windows 7 home premium 64 bit. Everything worked before i had the upgrade.
  4. Problem solved i move all the Data from my Mod folder to another place, started SF2 Israel and closed it, the game created some new folders in my mod folder, so i moved the new Aircraft folder somewhere else then i moved my data back to the Mod folder then i overwrote the mod aircraft folder with the newly created aircraft folder. Now everything works perfectly.
  5. I tried it with the strikefighters2 exe it's still the same. I think it has something to do with my Mod folder. I just don't know what. I deleted the Aircraftobject.ini but still no improvement.
  6. Hi everyone! I have SF2, Vietnam, Europe and Israel merged, everything worked fine i could fly all the planes and load campaigns. Now the Israeli planes and Campaigns stopped showing in the Singlemissions and Campaign Menu. I was using the Israel exe, so i tried the Europe exe and all the Israel stuff were there. What could be the Problem?
  7. I don't know in which cat files the sounds are. But if you have any of the Series 1 games, you can get the sounds from there since series 1 and 2 use the same default sounds.
  8. Hi, i have two small problems with the Engine sounds of some Fighters in the Strike Fighters Series. In the Addon F-16Cs and F-35s the engine frequency is very high when you increase the throttle is there a way to fix this? Unlike the Stock Aircraft, were the frequency increase is fairly normal. My Second problem also with the Engine sounds, normally the pitch of the engine sound increases as you increase throttle, but this only works for the Player controlled aircraft the AI planes just remain at one frequency. I know these are not really problems for most of you but could someone help me out?
  9. Never mind, i brought out my old PC with Windows 98SE on it. Run smoothly, only problem, no Widescreen resolution.
  10. I recently Installed and tried to play Janes Usaf on Windows 7 but i'm having some problems, the game is lagging and in the option menu Trilinear Filtering, Objects Mip-Map and Terrain Multitexture are grayed out. My Specs are: Windows 7 Home basics 32bit Amd Athlon II X2 260 3.2 GHz 4gb ram, 3gb usable Ati radeon hd series 5750 1gb ram Hier is a link to a Clip that shows my Problem!
  11. I tried these in WOE but the engines just go off after i use the afterburners.
  12. Hi everyone, i watched a strike fighters 2 video and noticed missile inflight sounds so in checked my WOE weaponsdata.ini and found the line "InFlightSoundName=" so i added an inflight sound also added it to the soundlist.ini, but when playing the game i can't hear any inflight sounds, do the SF1 series support this feature or an i doing something wrong.
  13. Hi everyone, i tried to post a little SF1 and SF2 mod but i get an error and i'm told to contact administration. I check the forums but i can't find out how to post files.
  14. I've downloaded the HiRes desert tileset that was recently release it's beautiful and all but i get a Fps oof 9-10. So it tried to rescale them to 512x512 but when i start a game there is a bug the tiles are black. Do i have to use a special program?
  15. I've tried all the HDR mods even the ones for SF2 series, but it's all the same, too bright. I've not changed the .ini file but i tried replacing it with the GTA:SA ini file but that was didn't go well.

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